Friday, 25 April 2014

Summer Fiesta # 2: Body Care

Hot and sweaty days ahead. Today I'll share with you my Top 5 Body care products to keep me feeling and smelling fresh through the day!
1. Organic Surge Shower Gel, Fresh Ocean (250 ml for INR 575/-)
Product claim:

For All Skin Types

Fresh Ocean Shower Gel is the natural solution for dry or dull skin, this shower gel is enriched with intense natural moisturisers. Organic lemon and lime essential oils cleanse and revive the skin, while rosemary essential oil works to stimulate cell renewal and help to soothe any skin irritation.

Why We Love It

  • 98.99% natural shower gel
  • Untouched by harsh chemicals
  • Enriched with organic lemon, lime, and rosemary essential oils
  • Conditions and soothes all skin types
  • Delicious, reviving natural fragrance
  • Animal-friendly, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Natural Actives

  • Lemon essential oil - naturally cleanses and detoxifies, helps to rejuvenate dull skin
  • Rosemary essential oil - naturally purifies and stimulates cell renewal
  • Lime essential oil - naturally revives the skin and senses
  • Aloe vera - naturally calms and moisturises the skin
  • Natural glycerine - a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin, helping it to remain hydrated and soft

My Take:
After a long day at work and a 40 minute non-ac commute, I look forward to stepping into the shower with my favourite shower gel. The product is free of SLS and other harmful chemicals like parabens, so that's a huge plus. The fresh fragrance instantly energises me and the scent lingers through the evening. MMMMMMMM.........

2. Fabindia Face & Body Gel Scrub, Orange and Cinnamon (100 ml for INR 275/-)
Product Claim:
Our body and face gel scrub, especially formulated for daily use is made with natural active ingredients. It gently exfoliates the skin leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated all day long. 100 gm.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Walnut Shell Powder, Carbopol 940, Aloe Vera Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Lactic Acid, Cinnamon Oil, Orange Oil, Allantoin.

My Take:
I have used their neem and tulsi scrub for my face and absolutely loved it. I can say  the same for Orange and Cinnamon too. What I like best is the smell of oranges. I love the fruit and miss it during summers. But not anymore. I love how it softens my skin and smells of oranges. An absolute feeling of luxury and blissssss....

3. Soulflower Aroma Bath Salt, Tropical Sunset (400 gms for INR 350/-)
Product Claim:
Skin scouring sea salts buffered in orange & lemon essential oil gently tone & improve the elasticity of the skin. These citrus essential oils not only energize, but act as natural skin lighteners & cleansers, leaving you will softer, brighter, lighter skin.
For Body: Tropical Sunset Aroma Bath Salt is rich in Vitamin C which is a great skin cleanser. A bath in warm water with Tropical Sunset Bath Salt lightens the skin tone, diminishes acne scars and also lightens dark spots.
For Hands: A hand bath with Tropical Sunset keeps your hands looking young. Lemon and Orange, which are key ingredients of the bath salt, are both have natural anti ageing properties.
For Feet: Tropical Sunset Foot Bath is great for Dry Cracked feet. The tropical Sunset bath salt moisturizes the feet and fights against problems like athlete’s foot.
Ingredients: Lemon & orange essential oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Borate, Epsom Salts, Seasalts, Permitted Colourings.
Tropical Sunset Bath Salt, Aromatherapy Bath Salt, Buy Bathing Salts Online India

My Take:
I love to use this product as my mani-pedi dip. I do not have a bath tub, so when I'm feeling really stressed out and tired, I just mix some salt into 1/2 a bucket of warm water, dip and squeeze out a towel and wrap it around myself for a couple of minutes after a shower and let the aroma surround me. A perfect de-stressing treatment for my weekends!

4. Pond's Sandal Radiance Talc (100 gms for INR 55/-)
Product claim:
  • Pond's Sandal Radiance Talc is a high quality sandal talcum powder.
  • It prevents bad odor from perspiration.
  • It has the fragrance of sandalwood.
  • Pond's Sandal Radiance Talc is a high quality, sandalwood fragranced talcum powder that refreshes and keeps your skin cool.

My Take:
when I'm in a hurry and don't have time for a second shower of the day, this is my go-to product. it freshens my skin instantly and has a great fragrance which lingers for a couple of hours. Though many use it as a face powder, I prefer to use it on my body. Great value for money!!

5. Dove Deodorant Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea (100gms for INR 170/-)
Product Claim:
Eliminate embarrassing body odour and feel refreshed and confident the whole day with Dove deodorant. Free from harsh chemicals and parabens , it contains just the right ingredients to keep underarms fresh and fragrant all day long. With one quarter moisturizers, it keeps your skin healthy and hydrated; pampering it with its gentle mild fragrance. Now wear sleeveless dresses or halter neck tops with confidence. Show off beautiful underarms with the gentle goodness of dove deodorant, that effectively eliminates underarm bumps for a smooth, even look. It absorbs sweat, leaving your underarms soft and dry for hours on end. Dove deodorant is available in many fragrant variations, and as aerosol sprays, roll-ons and body mists. Jump-start your day with a burst of freshness and put a spring in your step. It is non comedogenic, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested to ensure its safety on all skin types for everyday use. The deos are available in compact attractive bottles at affordable prices, and are an essential part of your daily grooming routine.

My Take:
I love this deo because it gives me all-day, underarm freshness. The fragrance is not overwhelming but has this soft and gentle lingering scent. My morning 'getting ready for work' routine in summers is incomplete without this product!

So, what are your Top 5 Summer Body care products? Let me know through your comments!
Stay Fresh!!

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Summer Fiesta # 1

Now that summer is surely here, I want to share with you my favourite skin care products for this season. The dry parched months of Delhi can make even the best skin cry out for help, and my skin isn't the best. I am prone to bouts of dryness, and if I apply regular moisturisers, I tend to break out. HELP!! So over time I have managed to find some really nice products which suit my combination skin.

So let me tell you about them:
1. Clean Clean Clean!! Votre Face Wash 18 (30 gms for INR 196/-)
Company Claims:

Features and Benefits

  • Botanical extract acts as an anti-bacterial and helps alleviate any redness linked with acne and breakouts
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Can be used regularly everyday
  • Works to mildly resurface skin
  • Decreases the size of pores on the skin to prevent pimples/acne

My Take:
This brilliant face wash helps really clean out my skin without drying it out completely. The product contains Tea Tree and Neem extracts and using it over time, I have seen that it has reduced the occurrence of pimples on my face. Love It!!

2. Pore Shrinker! Votre Toner, Pore Shrink (100 ml for INR 360/-)
Product Claims:
Make your skin flawless with this healthy Pore Shrink Toner from Votre. This one de-stresses the body and boosts the health of your skin. Enriched with botanical extracts along with bio-flavonoids, this one is truly worth its value! The product contains numerous active ingredients that boost your skin’s overall health.
Features and Benefits
  • Features active ingredients that shrinks pores and lifts the skin’s health
  • 100% safe and effective formula
  • The bio-cosmetic is 100% vegan, cruelty free and botanical
My Take:
Another Votre product I have fallen in love with!! Comes in a handy spay bottle. Just spritz it on and wait till it dries on my skin. Gives a lovely glow to my skin, especially when I spray it on before bedtime! I just love my skin the next morning!! I've even tried to spray it on over my make up, has given me great results. My Holy Grail product!!

3. Auravedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish with Sandal, Turmeric, Scrub (100g for INR 300/-)

Product Claim:
Auravedic pure lightening skin polish has nature?s goodness like sandal and turmeric which are known antioxidants and help in removing dead cells to make your skin, bright, supple and smooth. These ingredients have long been known to ward off impurities from the inside as well as the outside of the skin.

Features And Benefits

  • It has natural ingredients.
  • It protects the skin from the sun.
  • It washes away dirt and polishes the skin.
  • It has a long lasting effect on the skin.

My Take:
What I love most about this product is that its free of harmful chemicals, parabens and SLS. The scrub particles are tiny and they cleanse the skin without being too abrasive. I just love its texture and the pretty glow that I get after I've polished my skin with product. I also love the fact that it is immensely affordable. Another permanent fixture in my skin care regime, once a week!

4. Sattvik Organics Mask, Gold Revitalising (60 gms for INR 209/-)
Product Claim:
A nourishing face & body mask which improves skin texture and boosts skin renewal & hydration. Natural aroma oils soften skin and give it a natural glow. In case of mature skin, it also counteracts ageing signs by tightening the skin and giving it an uplifting effect.
  • Tightens skin pores
  • Gives a firm & fresh look
  • Rejuvenates skin & leaves it glowing with natural lustre
  • Nourishes the skin & enhances complexion
  • Leaves skin visibly smoother & flawless
My Take:
A feeling of pure luxury!! Even though this product is meant for drier skin, this has suited me very well! It definitely fulfills its promise of great looking and healthy skin! An absolute favourite!

5. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40 (50 gms for INR 225/-)
Product Claim:
3-in-1 daily sunblock is a revolutionary sun protection formula which combines broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection with skin lightening ingredients to give a uniform matte finish to the skin. Its fast absorption and non-greasy formula gives a shine-free, light & clean feeling skin.

My Take:
I use it all the time! For a detailed review click Here
If you have noticed that I have not listed a moisturiser. I have such oily skin that most products, even oil free ones cause me to break out. So currently this product doubles up as my moisturiser (due to its glycerin content).

What do you think of my summer skin care collection?
You can find and buy all these products on

Happy Summers!!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Product Review: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock

Today I am reviewing a product I have been using for a while: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock with SPF 40 and PA+++.
Product Claim and How to Apply:
List of Ingredients:
Product Swatches:
Price: INR 325/- for 100 gms of product.
My Take on the Product:
Lotus Herbals has a large number of sun blocks, some of which I have used. 3-in-1 Matte Daily is the most recent one that I have picked up. And I am glad I did. It comes in an orange tube with flip-top cap. It looks like a tinted moisturiser, which it is, but it is something more. It has SPF 40 and is PA+++ to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. It is a brilliant product for my combination skin! It moisturises my skin after washing when it feels dry, but keeps my skin feeling matte through the day. But again I'm waiting for the humidity to  It takes about a minute to blend into my skin. It is very light and does not feel heavy or cakey. It has this nice cooling feeling on my skin. The smell is nothing to write about and fades within a few minutes. The tint in the sunblock does not give a lot of coverage, its a lot like Lacto-Calamine lotion. I use the product alone or under a BB cream or even make-up, and the product has not let me down. The product definitely comes through on its claim! 
  1. Comes from the stables of the trusted brand.
  2. High SPF and PA count.
  3. Protects from both UVA and UVB Rays.
  4. Mattifies skin without drying it out skin.
  5. Great for oily and combination skin.
  6. Blends easily.
  7. Cools the skin on contact.
  8. Good packaging, minimizes wastage.
  9. Skin remains shine free though the work day.
  10. Can be worn under makeup.
  11. Decent pricing.
  1. I did not see much skin lightening on my face as I applied the product.
Product Rating: 4.9/5. A brilliant product! I am sold!

What about you? Which one  is your favourite sun block?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Colour Shade 604: Bella

Today I am going to review a lovely product from the L'oreal Paris stables, the Shine Caresse lip gloss.
It comes in 8 beautiful shades with really pretty names: Lolita, Venus, Bella, Faye, Juliette, Milady, Eve and Pretty Woman.
Each of these shades can complement most Indian skin tones. I was tempted to buy all the colours but settled for Bella.
It is a lovely sheer pink, but can be built up to a more deeper shade.

Product Claim:
List of Ingredients:
Price: INR 499/- for 6 gms of product.
Wearing a single sheer wash. No lip-Liner, to give you a feel of the actual product.
My take on the product:
I had been eyeing this new product for sometime, and finally bought it about two weeks ago. At the L'Oreal counter, as the sales assistant applied shade after shade on the back of my hand, I noted that none of the shades were overwhelming. A light application gave sheer wash of colour. The colour, however deepens on its own after a couple of minutes of application due to interaction with body heat. However, each of these shades can be built up for a deeper colour pay off,  opacity and greater coverage, especially if you have pigmented lips.
I chose Shade 604: Bella, because I am partial to pinks.
The Product comes in a golden coloured plastic tube packaging With a little window which displays the shade. The tube is in turn packed in a gold and black coloured carton, again with a little peep-window for you to be able to see the shade (very handy!!). It comes with a leaf-shaped sponge applicator. There is a cute little dimple in the middle of the applicator which holds the product and releases it, depending on how much pressure you put. More pressure, more product. If you want a sheer coverage, just sweep the applicator lightly over your lips. If you want it deeper, just apply one or two more coats, but do wait for a few moments to let the previous coat settle.
The formula is light, much lighter and non-sticky than Maybelline Lip Polish, but a tad bit heavier than Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment. But I did not have a problem with that. Shine Caresse has a very dewy look and is not high glamour dazzling shine, which makes it perfect for day-wear. There is a light fragrance as you apply it, but does not last too long.
The product though not completely transfer resistant, does not show up embarrassingly on cups/glasses.
The gloss lasts about 3-4 hrs with some light eating and drinking, but the stain stays on for 7-8 hrs. The stain also looks nice and not cracked due to its emollient nature.
All in all, the product stays true to its original claim.
  1. Light-wight
  2. Pigments can be adjusted from a sheer wash to a deeper tint.
  3. Not too shiny,so can be worn during a regular work-day.
  4. Nice range of shades. In face Juliette is a lovely red toned shade for those who are uncomfortable wearing very deep/bright shades of red.
  5. All shades suit the average Indian skin tone.
  6. Colour-stain long- lasting.
  7. Reasonably priced.
Can't really think of any!!
Product Rating: 4.99/5. Only because the dewy shine wears off in about 4 hrs.
I will be going back for more shades.........!!!
And you?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Product Review: Coloressence Pearl Effect Eyeshadow Pencil in Aqua Blue

Hi all!
Today I will be reviewing the Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow in Aqua Blue. I picked up this product more as a filler with my regular online purchase on
I did not have a whole lot of hope from this product,but it surprised me....
Look 1:
Look 2:
In the above pics I am not wearing any make-up. Its a bare application of the product only on lids with a thin line of liquid eyeliner. I am wearing no mascara either. This was to show how the product looks raw on the skin.

Product Claim:
With its spectrum of color alternatives, Coloressence Eye Shadow Pencils complete the perfect make-up look.
Line your eyelids or dab on as an eyeshadow with a single touch. The color does not lighten or melt and shines all day long.

Price: INR 165/- for 2.5 gms of product

My Take on the Product:

I had picked up this product without any serious consideration, when I had ordered some products online on
I had no great hopes from this product, but I was quite pleasantly surprised!

The product comes in a black crayon package format with a transparent plastic cap. It is a retractable product and therefore needs no sharpening, reducing wastage of product.

It has creamy texture and glides on easily. It did not dry my lids after application.  It is well pigmented and has a decent colour pay off. The colour can be built further than what I have done on my eyes. I have just applied a single swatch of colour in the photo.

The colour is fairly long-lasting. It began to fade only after about 6 hrs of application. However it tends to crease quite soon,  though only along the the upper lid crease line. I noticed creasing after about 2 hrs.

I actually prefer to use it as an eye-liner. However, the dramatic blue pigment makes me a little uncomfortable and I further line my eyes with a thin line of black liquid liner. This downplays the drama and can be used like this during a regular work day. This also helps avoid the creasing issue.

The product can even be used as a base shadow over which you can apply regular powder eyeshadow for more dramatic build-up.

  1. Creamy Texture
  2. Glides on easily
  3. Does not dry the lids.
  4. Good pigments.
  5. Twist up crayon so no product wastage doe to sharpening.
  6. Colour fairly long-lasting.
  7. Sets even better with powder eyeshadow over it.
  8. Really, really cheap!!
  1. Begins to crease within two hrs.
  2. Needs some effort to make it last without creasing.
  3. Not a top brand.
Product Rating: 3.75/5. Mainly due to the creasing factor. The product is so easy on the pocket that I would recommend at least a one time buy.
Sometimes local brands can really surprise you............. in a good way!
What do you think? Write to me..
Stay beautiful!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Product Review: Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Sunrise Sunset

Again a Fab Bag  sample which had me excited! A friend had given me a Sally Hansen nail strengthening nail polish sometime ago for my birthday and I loved it! Since then I have kept my eyes open for Sally Hansen products. So naturally I was thrilled to receive their Diamond Lip Treatment.
The sample they sent me is a shade called Sunrise Sunset. There are about 12 shades available internationally, However in India there are only about 6 shades currently.
Product Claim:



Price: INR 575/- for 6.2 grams of product
The product comes in a transparent plastic  cuboid tube with a silver coloured cap. There is a little diamond cut rhinestone on the tube. It comes with its own brush applicator.
My Take on the Product:
The product has a very sheer application and does not allow any substantial build-up. Its formula is quite light weight, much lighter than Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Polish! When applying with the brush, the product tends to come on the lips in streaks. But it very quickly evens out.
The product is high on gloss and has there tiny glitter particles which gives it a greater glamour quotient! It can be worn alone or over your regular lipstick.
As for its 12 hr claim... The colour does not last. For me it faded over the next four hours. However my lips remained moisturized for nearly 8 hrs of talking eating and drinking.
I have now been using this product for about 10 days. I have to reapply the product every four hours or so, in case I want its sheer wash of colour. I do not need to apply any lip balm even if i don't apply the product again.
  1. Light-weight formula.
  2. Gives a lovely wash of sheer colour.
  3. Adds a dash of glamour.
  4. Can be used over your favourite lipstick.
  5. Even though streaks while application, it evens out in a few moments.
  6. Keeps lips moiturised for about 8 hrs through lots of talking, eating and drinking!
  1. Colour cannot be built more than a shade or two.
  2. Colour fades in a few hours.
  3. A bit expensive.
Product Rating: 4/5.
I would actually prefer L'Oreal Paris' Shine Caresse. Why? watch this space, I will be reviewing it soon!!

How did you like this review? Let me know....
Stay Beautiful!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Product Review: Iraya Honey and Liquorice Face Milk

Two 30 ml sample bottles of Iraya Honey and Liquorice Face Milk came to me with the March edition of my Fab Bag.
I was really excited about this product and tried it immediately. I've now been using it for about a week and this product is my new favourite, so I thought why wait for a month to write a review!
So here goes:

Product Claim:

What Fab Bag says about this product:
Price: INR 395/- for 150 ml of product
Key Ingredients:
Flip Top Cap

Product swatch:

After Blending
After Blending
My Take on the Product:
I was so excited about this product that I tried it as soon as I opened my Fab Bag!  And Iraya did not let me down.
It comes in a cube-like transparent plastic container with a flip top cap. It comes sealed guaranteeing hygiene and freshness. The packaging is not too fancy (not that I care about it very much), but its handy and leak proof.
The product has a runny slippery texture and has a gentle, natural fragrance of its ingredients (I could clearly smell the liquorice). It lingers for a while and is really pleasant. You only need very little product and it spreads well. It blends in within a minute and does not leave an oily residue on the skin. I felt a pleasant cooling sensation as I blended it into my skin. I have combination skin and the product hydrated the dry spots on my face without making my oily T-zone sticky and uncomfortable. Even a couple of hours after application there is no stickiness. However its real test will happen when the weather turns humid in July. It has not broken out my skin so it does pass the test with me.
Some people may be allergic to some ingredients, so the product advises an allergy test.
I think its a great product in its price range.
  1. Good, handy,leak proof packaging.
  2. Had good brand value.
  3. Non-Sticky
  4. Gentle,natural fragrance
  5. Uses natural ingredients
  6. Hydrates dry spots well.
  7. Pleasant cooling sensation on skin.
  8. very little product required per use.
  9. Reasonably priced.
  10. Has not caused any breakouts on my skin.
  11. No animal testing.
  1. Does not list all ingredients, especially any preservatives.
  2. Should proof read the written material on the packaging. (I'm only nit-picking, can't find any serious flaws apart from the 1st one!;D)

Product Rating: 4.75/5.
This is soon becoming my Holy Grail Product!
Have any of you used this product? What did you think about it?
Hope you found this review helpful. Do leave a comment for me!

My March Fab Bag!!

Oh boy! How I waited for my March Fabbag. It was a little late in coming and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Now that I have, I'll Share with you that stuff that came!

Of the four products in the Bag this month, I'm excited about the Iraya Face Milk and Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment!


Reviews for these two products will be up soon!!
You can order your own Fab Bag Here !

Lots of Love!!!!

First Look: Loreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Extraordinary Oil for Scalp and Hair

I have been eying this oil since it was launched about a month ago in India. I finally bought a bottle last month. It come as a part of a triad of Hair oil, Shampoo and Conditioner.
Print Ad
Print Ad
Product Claim:

The product comes in a heavy, orangey-rust, glass bottle with a plastic, golden coloured screw cap.
It has a white plastic dispenser where you need to punch in a hole.
Here is the list of Ingredients:
What do the Key Ingredients Do?
  1. Argan: Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It is the ideal hair conditioner, and it can even help to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. Commonly used as a styling agent. It makes hair more manageable and adds a healthy, attractive shine to any hair style.
  2. Olive: Helps in treating dandruff, tames frizzy hair, adds shine and softens the hair shaft.
  3. Coconut: Fatty acids bind to the protein in hair and protect both the roots and strands of hair from breakage. Lauric acid is found in coconut oil and has better results than other mineral or sunflower oils when it comes to improving hair health. The natural antioxidants and nutrients found in coconut oil will deliver critical resources to improve your hair's softness and luster. Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and iron and effectively eliminates dandruff while boosting hair growth. Contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties to protect against dandruff and lice
  4. Jojoba: The reason that Jojoba is such a great choice as a hair conditioner and moisturizer is that the molecular structure of Jojoba is very similar to the natural oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp. This natural scalp oil is known as "sebum". It is a well-known fact that sebum is required for proper moisturizing of beautiful and healthy hair. Hair that has a good moisture basis tends to be more resistant to daily damage, tangles, dryness and split ends.
  5. Almond: Almond oil has several important nutrients including polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids as well as vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A. These are all helpful nutrients that allow you to grow strong, healthy hair strands.
  6. Camelina: Is an exceptional Carrier Oil.  Prized for its potent Essential Fatty Acid content, Camelina is used in a wide range of hair and skin care formulations.  It is particularly beneficial to those suffering from psoriasis or eczema, as it is about 10 times higher in linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid than most other Vegetable Oils.  This also makes Camelina an ideal ingredient for anti-aging serums, moisturizers, and other formulations.  Camelina Oil can help to repair damaged cells, increase elasticity in the skin, and protect hair follicles.

Price: INR 199/- for 100 ml.

The Oil itself is nearly colourless.

My Take on the Product:

I had been using some home-made concoctions for hair for sometime. When I saw the product in some print ads, I was tempted. I bought it on at a 5% discount. The list of 6 oils was very tempting!
It comes in a heavy golden coloured transparent glass bottle with a golden coloured plastic cap. It has a plastic inner cap where you need to poke a hole to pour out the product.
The oil itself is nearly colourless and has a fairly strong fragrance. My two little daughters loved it! Though I personally do not like strongly scented oils. I prefer the natural smells of oils.
When I looked at the list of ingredients,  I was quite disappointed. Its main ingredient seems to be Mineral Oil! All 68% 0f  it. The vegetable oils constitute only 30.7%, which also includes rapeseed, wheatgerm and sunflower oils!! So really what is the actual percentage of the 6 Special Oils in the mix??
The texture of the oil is very light, naturally because of the mineral oil. It absorbs into the scalp quite fast. It can make the hair limp, if more than a few drops are used.
I couldn't really tell if this oil has been more beneficial for me that my regular pure oils (not adulterated with mineral oil). I have used a few drops after shampooing my hair instead of a hair serum and it imparted a nice sheen to my hair and definitely prevented them from getting too tangled. Some of my friends said that they have also used it like a heat protectant.

  1. Light textured
  2. Multiple uses: pre-shampoo treatment, after shampoo application to prevent frizziness, as heat protectant
  3. Floral scent
  4. Attractive packaging
  5. Exotic oils
  6. Affordable Pricing
  1. Bottle too heavy and dispensing not too smooth.
  2. High percentage of mineral oil and other cheaper ingredients
  3. Low percentage of the 6 oils
  4. Had no perceptible effect on quality of hair.
Rating: 2.5/5 . The product loses value in my opinion due to the high ratio of mineral oil. After I finish this bottle I will go back to my home mix of pure oils.

Do share your thoughts about this oil with me. Take care.........