Thursday, 27 February 2014

Product Review: La Splash Nail Polish Sparkling Rose

A very quick review of a nail polish that came in my Fab Bag. Click on  to get yours. La Splash is a US based brand which started in 2002

The brand has a large variety of Nail colours. You can see all the information Here.

It is a 9ml bottle of MRP INR 500/-
My Experience with this product:
I was quite thrilled to see this bottle of Nail Polish in my December Fab Bag. and quickly removed my existing nail paint to wear this. Its a lovely rose pink with pretty large glitter particles, almost 1 mm in diameter. These glitter particles are in colours of the rainbow.
When I put on the first thin coat, it looked more like a transparent nail polish with some scattered glitter particles. Then I put on a thicker coat by letting some of the polish run off the brush on to my nails. This gave a truer effect. However the very next day a chunk of the nail polish came off one of the nails, and more chips fell off over the next two or three days.  When I finally wanted to remove it my regular Lakme nail polish remover was quite useless against it. I finally had to get some spirit from the Chemistry Lab to get off , but that too required a lot of effort. Finally I had to scrape it off with a nail file!!!
1. Nice colour
2. Lot of glitter particles. So good for those who like some bling!
3. May be used as part of nail art.
  1. Very expensive for a not so long-lasting nail polish. At INR 500/- for 9 ml!
  2. Doesn't last long, starts chipping the very next day.
  3. Very tough to remove, so hurts your nails.
  4. Too much product needed to get a good colour pay-off.
Product Rating: 2/5
Will I buy this product again?
Are you kidding? I can get far better nail polishes for less than half the price!!
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Product Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Polish Glam 14

Today I will review a beautiful lip product from the Maybelline stables. It is called Colour Sensational Lip Polish. It is a 3-in-1 product which includes a lip balm, lip gloss and a lipstick rolled into one.
Company claims:
Liquid color balm by Color Sensational A TRIO of CONCENTRATES:
1.Potent Color Extracts: Pure saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color like a lipstick. 2.Concentrated Liquid Balm: Moisturizing Liquid Conditioning Balm gets the lips ready for Intensely Rich color. Gives a soft Cushiony feel & care to the lips.
3.Glossy Shine Serum: Built-in glossy top-coat, that makes lips look fuller & more luscious. Specially designed Leaf-shaped applicator which makes application quick & precise.
It comes in a transparent plastic cuboid container with a silver colour cap. The actual inner tube which contains the product is shaped like a lipstick, which looks very cute. It comes with a leaf shaped applicator.

Price: INR 450/-
Quantity: 5 ml
My Experience with the Product:
I had heard about this product from a friend and thought I would try it out. So I went to the Maybelline counter and asked the sales assistant for the product. The product has 16 shades, names starting with Glam 1 through Glam 16. It ranged from the nude to very high colour saturation with corals, plums, reds, pinks and browns. I picked up two shades Glam 6 and Glam 14. Glam 6 is a deep plum (I will put up pics in a couple of days). Here I will be reviewing Glam 14.
It is a lovely peachy nude with a light hint of pink. The formula is slightly sticky but not irritatingly so. It sits quite lightly on the lips. The sheer colour pay-off is good, but I think it will look different on different people due to the natural lip-colour of different people. The overall effect is beautiful. The colour and shine lasted for about 5 hrs through my evening coffee and dinner. But after 6 hrs first the gloss and then the colour began to fade. However, my lips did not feel dry or chapped. This product needs to be used along with a lip liner or else it may bleed along the tiny folds along the lips.

Glam 14
Glam 14
Glam 6

Glam 6

Glam 13
Glam 13

  1. Great colour pay-off.
  2. Good lip coverage.
  3. Good formula, not too sticky or heavy on the lips
  4. Long-lasting.
  5. Good price
  1. Compared to L'oreal Shine Caresse Lip Gloss, it has a slightly heavier and stickier formula. But nothing I can't handle.
  2. transfers on to cups when drinking.

Product Rating: 4.75/5
Will I buy this product again? Yes! Though in a different shade. Highly recommended for those who like high gloss lip colours!
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Bye! Be Beautiful!!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Product Launch: L'Oreal Paris: Revitalift Laser X3

L'Oreal Paris India has launched a new Anti Ageing Product called Revitalift Laser X3.

Company Claim:

The Revitalift Laser X3 range includes the ‘Renewing Anti-Aging Serum’ and ‘New Skin Anti-Aging Cream’ both of which are infused with superior anti-aging technology. The range is designed to provide the radiance of a skin peel and results similar to laser anti-aging treatments.

Product Benefits
- 3% Pro Xylane: A molecule of natural origin sourced from Beechwood. It is a powerful anti-ageing molecule to stimulate and strengthen the support fibres of the skin.
- LHA: Gently exfoliates to reveal a smooth and even skin tone.
- Ceramide Pro: Ceramide Pro are lipids essential to the skin to maintain its structure, retain moisture and regain the skin’s bounciness

 The Eye Cream has yet to be launched here in India

 You can buy the product Here at

Monday, 10 February 2014

Product Review:) Naked by Lisa Hayden Potion Lotion

Today we'll do a quick look at this new product I got. Its called Naked by Lisa Hayden Potion Lotion. It came in my January Fab Bag. You can get it here
  It comes in a transparent glass jar with a golden screw cap and lettering. There is a little note about the product, on handmade paper attached to the neck of the jar with a thin jute string. Gives it a nice homey touch.
As you can see the little note tells you something about the product and its usage

This is how Fab Bag describes this product:

I got a 30 gram jar which is priced at INR 310/-

If you notice, the product has to be used within 3 months of manufacture (though the Fab Bag description says 6 months), since there are supposed to be no preservatives in the product.

List of Ingredients and their benefits:

  1.  Aloe Vera: good for sunburns and acne, lightens stretch marks. Great moisturiser, fughts skin ageing. 
  2. Alpha Tocopherol (Vit E) oilBecause of its antioxidant activity, vitamin E helps combat the damaging effects on your skin of free radicals, which come from various sources including pollution, UV radiation, poor nutrition, and as a result of aging.
  3. Rosehip oil:contains:
    - linoleic acid (omega- 6 fatty acid) which can play a role in the structure of the membranes of the cells
    - oleic acid (omega-9 fatty acid) which is considered as keeping skin supple and moist
    - linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) is a good skin moisturiser
    - antioxidants, beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin C, which are important for protection from free radical damage
  4. Persea Americana (avocado) oil:
    rich in vitamins A, D and E, lecithin, as well as potassium - known as the youth mineral. It is also high in sterolins, which are reputed to reduce age spots reduce age spots, help heal sun damage and scars. It is the sterolins (also called plant steroids) in the oil that helps to soften the skin and imparts a superior moisturizing effect.
  5. Geranium oil: is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic
  6. Lavender oil: antiviral, bacterial and anti-inflammatory, calming

What the product looks like: It is a thick white lotion. It is not hard like the consistency of Boroplus, nor is it too runny.It has a light and fluffy texture. It has a light fresh floral fragrance which I quite like.
Product swatch:

This is how it looks immediately after blending in. But the lotion gets absorbed pretty quickly into the skin .

My experience with the product:
The Jar is nice and compact and the product does not leak out. It has a nice soft floral scent which I like. The product is light and absorbs easily into my skin. and does not look oily. It has not caused me to break out either, so that's good!

1. No chemical preservatives
2. Nice fragrance
3. Good texture
4. Does not leave skin feeling oily and loaded
5. Good leak-proof packaging, understated looks.

1. Bit expensive
2. Short shelf-life

Overall Rating:
4.75/5. This product loses marks more due the cost factor than anything else. The greatest thing about this product is that it has no chemical based preservatives!!

Will I buy this product again? YES