Sunday, 12 October 2014

Product Review and Photos: Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser

Hi All!

I'm always on the lookout for face cleansers. I do not like to use a facewash more than once a day. So, I was quite excited to try out the Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser when I received it as part of a prize  hamper from

Company Claims:
An antiseptic face cleanser that offers thorough cleansing by removing pollutants without depleting the natural moisture content. Added aroma oils soothe & relax stressed nerves. It takes off excess oil, gives your skin a natural glow & leaves it feeling fresh and soft. It is also an excellent make up remover.
  • Reduces pore appearance & removes impurities
  • Deep cleanses & rejuvenates for a smooth radiant skin
  • Maintains ideal moisture balance
  • Refreshes skin cells
  • Keeps skin soft & supple
 Product Price: INR 179/- for 40 gms of product

My Take on the Product:

The product comes in a mint green gel formula that comes in a sturdy plastic jar. The cap fits over tightly so there is no risk of spillage when travelling.The formula glides over the skin and causes a light tingling sensation on the skin due to its mint content. It spreads easily over the skin and can be wiped off with a damp cotton ball. You may even wash it off with water.

It does not dry the skin. This cleanser has become a regular part of my night routine. It does clean up my face but it does not work effectively on waterproof makeup. So I use it on days when I have been home in the evening, so there is no makeup to worry about.

I quite like the product though I'm not sure it reduced the appearance of my pores ;). I would recommend the product to those with combination skin.

  1. Good sturdy packaging.
  2. Contains no chemicals
  3. Refreshing fragrance
  4. Does not dry out skin
  5. Cleanses well.
  1. Does not work well on waterproof makeup.
Product Rating: 4.5/5


Have you tried the  Sattvik Organics Mint Magic Antiseptic Cleanser? Which cleanser are you using currently? Share your comments below.

Friday, 10 October 2014

EOTD: A Dash of Gold

 Hey All!!

Today's look is all about speed and  convenience. With just 5 products you can look dressy. This look can be used for an outing with friends or even for a casual date with your significant other. It is really simple and can be nailed even by a beginner!

A dash of gold on the upper eyelash and lower waterline and brighten up your face in a jiffy!

Products used for this look: 

  1. Lakme CC Cream in Bronze
  2. Maybelline New York Clear Glow Compact in Nude Beige
  3. Elle 18 Liquid Liner in Blackout
  4. COLOR ME Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil in Gold
  5. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Toast of New York (#95)
So what are your thoughts about this look? Let me know in the comments section below.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Organize Your Lipstics Without Spending a Penny!!

Hey Everyone! 

If you have a large number of lipsticks, glosses and other kinds of lip colours, you know how difficult it can be to pick up the right colour when your are in a hurry getting ready for college or work.

There are many make up organizers in the market or even online stores. They usually cost a pretty penny. And if they are cheap, they fall apart quickly.

Today, I'm going to show you how I organize and store my lip products without spending any money at all and it takes me just minutes to make!!

Things you will need:
  1. A shoe box or two (if you have toooooo many lip colours!)
  2. A small packing box (to cut up)
  3. A pair of scissors

Step 1:

Measure out the length and breadth of your shoe box and cut out two corresponding strips from the packing box.

Step 2:

Make a cut about midway, through both the strips (not all the way)

Step 4: 

Run and fix the two cardboard strips as shown in the picture. So now you have a box with four compartments. You can even make 6 or 8 if your box is big enough.

Step 5:

Stack your lipsticks with the shade name/number facing top. I categorize mine according to colour family:
  1. Pinks and Purples
  2. Browns and Oranges
  3. Reds and Maroons
  4. Glosses

If you are more creative than I am, you can make the exteriors of the  box prettier. But for  me a regular shoe box works brilliantly!

 Share any other makeup storage ideas that you have or use, in the comments section below, so I can learn some smart tips from you!

Take Care!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Eye Shadow Haul From Makeup Revolution London


 Spur of the moment purchases have never been me............. What happened?? A brilliant sale on Jabong got me hooked. While pottering around, I stumbled upon Makeup Revolution London.

I had been feeling that my current eyeshadow palette was a bit inadequate. So what I saw on that page, blew me away. And led to the SLIP UP!! Not a single slip up Mind you, but a dual one. Why ? Because if you buy two products from their collection, you get a whopping 40% discount on the total amount!!!

MRP of Each Palette: INR 1200/-
But I got two at a 40% discount. So take out your calculators...

 Hmmmmm. You want to see?

 So, you can see I bought two palettes.
  1. Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette. Check it out Here
  2. Hot Smoked Redemption Palette. Check it out Here

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Essential Shimmers Redemption Palette

Hot Smoked Redemption Palette

Hot Smoked Redemption Palette

Hot Smoked Redemption Palette

Hot Smoked Redemption Palette
I will be doing a swatch and review soon!!

Monday, 6 October 2014

LOTD: End of Durga Puja 2014

Hi All!

Well Pujas ended yesterday and I was so exhausted that I just couldn't manage to put up this post the day before.

Last day of Puja means bidding farewell to the Goddess. And when a married daughter prepares to leave her natal home after too brief a visit, Her family showers her with blessings and good wishes by gifting her various auspicious gifts celebrating her married status.

The Goddess's Shringar is done by rubbing two beetle leaves on her cheeks (an effective beauty treatment). Then sindur or red vermillion (the most powerful symbol of a married woman among Hindus) is applied to her forehead and the parting of her hair. She is then blessed with durva grass and unhusked paddy (both, symbols of fertility). Finally she is offered sweets, signifying the sweetness of marital life.

This ritual is performed only by married women. After this is done, the women offer sindurto each other as a celebration of marital life and wishing each other a long and happy marriage (ward off widowhood on the other hand,since it is considered the highest misfortune that can befall a woman,among Hindus).

I was unable to click any of my pics here so I'm using photos which I found on the net. The references are given.

Boron Dala

By Sammyabrata Mallik (Google+)
Tollywood actresses take part in 'Sindur Khela' on Doshomi at a Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata on Sunday

I chose to keep my look simple for the day. Not too much makeup since most of it would get covered in sindur. I stuck to the traditional colours of white and red but the outfit was more modern. For the makeup, I applied a wash of the plum shade with a hint of bronze shimmer (Cameleon Eyeshadow Palette). Black eyeliner on the top lashline with a dash of white completed the eye. For the lips I lined them with NYX Slim Pencil in Chocolat and glossed over with Sally Hansen Lip Gloss in Sunset

Products Used for Makeup:
  1. Bodyography Foundation Primer in Clear
  2. Lakme CC Cream in Bronze
  3. Faces Canada Concealer Stick in Medium
  4. Maybelline New York Clear Glow Pressed Powder in Nude Beige
  5. Beauty UK Blush in Rustic Peach
  6. Cameleon Eyeshadow Palette
  7. Elle 18 Liquid Eyeliner in Blackout
  8. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in White
  9. NYX Slim Pencil in Chocolat
  10. Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Gloss in Sunset

This brings to an end my Durga Puja 2014 Series. What did you think of the various looks? Let me know through your comments in the box below.

Take Care!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

LOTD: Navami Morning and Evening Looks

Hi All!

Durga Puja 2014 is nearly over. Both exhilarating and exhausting! So I'll be doing both, the morning and evening looks in the same post.

For the morning, I chose to wear a light silk sari with gold accents. For the makeup I decided to do a muted green smokey eye and a neutral lip. For this I chose the Cameleon Eyeshadow palette for the eyes and used Maybelline New York Lip Polish's Glam 13.

For the Evening I decided a go a bit dramatic with a black sari with copper embellishments. For the makeup, I chose a dark brown smokey eye and purple lips. For the eyes I chose the Oriflame Eyeshadow palette in Nude and Gray and for the lips Oriflame Beauty Lipstick in Perpetually Purple and applied Estee Lauder Pure Color High gloss in #6 Coral Chic.

Let me know your thoughts about these looks. Looking forward to hearing from you!