Saturday, 12 April 2014

Product Review: Coloressence Pearl Effect Eyeshadow Pencil in Aqua Blue

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Today I will be reviewing the Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow in Aqua Blue. I picked up this product more as a filler with my regular online purchase on
I did not have a whole lot of hope from this product,but it surprised me....
Look 1:
Look 2:
In the above pics I am not wearing any make-up. Its a bare application of the product only on lids with a thin line of liquid eyeliner. I am wearing no mascara either. This was to show how the product looks raw on the skin.

Product Claim:
With its spectrum of color alternatives, Coloressence Eye Shadow Pencils complete the perfect make-up look.
Line your eyelids or dab on as an eyeshadow with a single touch. The color does not lighten or melt and shines all day long.

Price: INR 165/- for 2.5 gms of product

My Take on the Product:

I had picked up this product without any serious consideration, when I had ordered some products online on
I had no great hopes from this product, but I was quite pleasantly surprised!

The product comes in a black crayon package format with a transparent plastic cap. It is a retractable product and therefore needs no sharpening, reducing wastage of product.

It has creamy texture and glides on easily. It did not dry my lids after application.  It is well pigmented and has a decent colour pay off. The colour can be built further than what I have done on my eyes. I have just applied a single swatch of colour in the photo.

The colour is fairly long-lasting. It began to fade only after about 6 hrs of application. However it tends to crease quite soon,  though only along the the upper lid crease line. I noticed creasing after about 2 hrs.

I actually prefer to use it as an eye-liner. However, the dramatic blue pigment makes me a little uncomfortable and I further line my eyes with a thin line of black liquid liner. This downplays the drama and can be used like this during a regular work day. This also helps avoid the creasing issue.

The product can even be used as a base shadow over which you can apply regular powder eyeshadow for more dramatic build-up.

  1. Creamy Texture
  2. Glides on easily
  3. Does not dry the lids.
  4. Good pigments.
  5. Twist up crayon so no product wastage doe to sharpening.
  6. Colour fairly long-lasting.
  7. Sets even better with powder eyeshadow over it.
  8. Really, really cheap!!
  1. Begins to crease within two hrs.
  2. Needs some effort to make it last without creasing.
  3. Not a top brand.
Product Rating: 3.75/5. Mainly due to the creasing factor. The product is so easy on the pocket that I would recommend at least a one time buy.
Sometimes local brands can really surprise you............. in a good way!
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