Are you a brand/website looking to promote your products/website? 

Here are the ways in which you can promote your website/products through my blog. 

1) Sponsored Product Review: You can send me a few products from your site for review purposes. I will comment on the fast delivery of the items, the packaging and the quality and efficacy of the products that have been sent to me. I can comment on your customer service too. Finally, at the end of the post, I will mention your site's URL and throughout the article, I will link back to your site. However, please do remember, my opinion in the blog post will remain completely honest.

2) Website Review: I can review your website on my blog. I will take a few screenshots from your website and review the quality of your website. I will comment on the design and usability of your website and how it can be useful to my readers. Link-backs would be provided throughout the article. You will be required to pay a flat fixed rate to me for publishing the post.

3) Sponsored Giveaway: I can do a simple contest on my blog where people need to subscribe to your site's mailing list or like your Facebook page or follow your twitter handle. In return, 2 or more people chosen randomly by me will get products, chosen by you, delivered to their address for free. I will not be responsible for the damage during transit. You need to ship the products to the winners as soon as possible. I will mail you the contact details of the winners so that you can ship the items to them. 

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