Sunday, 22 March 2015

Three Random Things Vol.12

Hi Everyone!

How is your weekend progressing? Mine is quite relaxed after a long time. So, what are the random thoughts for this week?

1.  What is your ideal weekend like? 

For me the ideal weekend is sleeping late and waking up late next morning. catching up on some reading and ..... well..... no housework!

2. What is your favourite TV show currently? 

I've been watching and absolutely loving Downton Abbey! A highly recommended period drama.

3. Do you prefer long vacations or short outings? 

For me each has its merit. I prefer long vacations with my family and short trips if I am without them.

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I tag you to answer the following questions.
  1. What is your ideal weekend like?
  2. What is your favourite TV show currently?
  3. Do you prefer long vacations or short outings?
You do not have to answer all of them. Just answer those you want to. Looking forward to reading your answers....

Disclimer: None of the photos used in this post are mine.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Three Random Things Vol.11

Hi Everyone!

Its been a while since I posted under this series. So here goes.....

1. Do you like a dry or a wet Holi?

As a kid I've enjoyed really wet Holi. I loved it especially if I couldn't get the colours off me for at least a few days after the festival! Now, however, I prefer a dry Holi!

Image result for Holi

2. Do you buy your Holi Colours?

For the last 10 yrs or so I make my own Holi Colours. Really easy to do. I use henna powder for green, Turmeric powder for yellow.

Image result for turmeric powder  
Image result for henna powder

2. What do you associate the month of March with?

Month of March means year-end exams!! They also mean paper corrections.. But best of all, they mean lots of lunches and outings with friends!

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Image result for paper corrections

Image result for ladies luncheon

I tag you to answer these questions. You need not answer all. Even one will be great. Write your answers in the comments section below..

Disclaimer: None of the photographs in this post are mine

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Product Review: Za True White Liquid Foundation in OC 30

Hi Everyone!

Za has taken India by a storm with their skin care products. Bloggers are raving about these products. However, the Za True White Foundation has had some mixed reviews. So lets see whats all the noise about....

I was quite excited about this foundation when I first heard about it. And despite reading very mixed reviews about the product, especially its shade range, I still picked up this product. In part I blame for tempting me with a discount offer I couldn't refuse! 

Hey don't think I am criticising, I think it is by far the best cosmetics and personal care online sale portal in India.

I picked up the darkest shade: OC30

Product Price: INR 950/- for 30 ml of product.

Product Claim:

  • Get virtues of Skin care now in make-up with Za True White Liquid Foundation.
  • Get Enriched with Vitamin C & E, Minerals & Hyaluronic acid, this Breakthrough Illuminating & Pore less Liquid Foundation creates Pearly Translucent & Radiant skin. SPF 26-PA++ protects skin from UVA and UVB.
  • Now get long lasting satin smooth & even-toned coverage.

Ingredients List: 

My Take on the Product:

The Za True White Liquid Foundation comes in 6 shades of which OC 30 is the darkest. The product comes in a sturdy, curvy glass bottle with a pump dispenser and a silver plated, plastic lid. the bottle is further packed in a see-through plastic carton which carries all the product details.

The product itself is somewhere between creamy and runny and spread easily over my skin. I've tried this product both with my fingers and a foundation brush. The product gave excellent results with both. 

The product gives medium coverage. It may be buildable but I did not try it because the darkest shade in the range is still too light for me. The first time I applied it, I think I got too much on my face and I had to fairly wipe it off my face with a tissue. 

With this product, less is more. On immediate application, the face looked far too white, but it did even out to a more natural look in about 10 minutes. It did minimise the appearance of pores (I do have an open pore problem). The product has a finish somewhere between matte and dewy. 

It lasted for about 6 hrs on my face without it getting too shiny. But then its real test will be in the hot and humid months

This foundation comes with PA++ and SPF 26 which is great but that means it does not photograph too well.

I actually liked the product and how it felt on my skin. But the only problem is its limited shade range. It wont cover nearly 75% of Indian skin tones.


  1. Easily Available both in malls and online stores
  2. Contains vitamin C, E, Minerals & Hyaluronic acid
  3. PA++ and SPF 26 for UVA and UVB protection
  4. Medium coverage
  5. Spreads easily.
  6. Applies well with both, brush and fingers
  7. Good and hygienic packaging
  8. Minimises appearance of pores and other minor skin imperfections 
  9. Lasted for about 6 hrs without need for blotting (in winter months)
  10. Gives a good finish between matte and dewy.
  11. Gives a natural finish, if appropriate amount applied.


  1. Does not photograph well (but this is not the deal breaker)
  2. Limited shade range. 

Overall Verdict: 4/5

I actually really like the product. I like what it does for the overall look of my skin. The only problem is the limited shade range. However, I have been able to make it work for my skin by adjusting the amount of product I apply.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Product Review: Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in Siren Song

Hi Everybody!

How have you all been? The weather is really turning now and summer isn't too far away.

I will be doing a quick review of the Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil in Siren Song.

The product came in the January 2015 Edition of FabBag.

Product Claim:

Formulated with a blend of oils and healing vitamin E, the pencil provides lasting moisture in addition to a glossy finish. The smooth buttery texture coats lips in stunning, glossy color and comes in a handy jumbo pencil that needs no sharpener.
How to use:Starting at the center of your top lip, sweep outward in each direction. Repeat on bottom lip. No need to sharpen: As the pencil wears down, simply twist the bottom to release more.
Product Price: INR 800/- for 3 gms of product.

Product Swatches:

My Take on the Product:

Laqa & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is another edition of Lip Crayons that have flooded the market in recent times. It comes in a white, plastic twist-up packging, accented with the colour of the lip crayon. It has a transparent cap which makes it easy for you to identify the colour. The product comes in 4 shades, of which,I chose Siren Song.

Siren Song is a bright Brick Red colour with yellow undertones. It will suit fair to medium wheatish complexion. Its a wearable red  for Indian skin-tones. 

On application, you need a few swipes to get the true colour. The application is not butter-smooth and tends to remain patchy if you are not too careful. The product is not very moisturising and it tends to stick to the dry bits on the lips. It did play up the creases on my lips. Ideally you should scrub your lips and moisturise them before application. It has a creamy finish on application, but soon settles into a more matte look.

The product perhaps contains peppermint because I felt a cooling sensation and a minty smell on application. However. It disappears in about 10 minutes. I don't really care about the peppermint, but that is not a deal breaker.

The product is transferable and did stain my coffee cup. However, to be fair, the product did not clain to be transfer proof. The product lasted on my lips for about 4 hrs with some light snacking and drinking.

  1. Nice wearable red
  2. Transparent cap and colour accent on packaging helps identify colour.
  3. Twist up packaging means no sharpening and no wastage of product.
  1. Does not come through on the promise of being moisturising. 
  2. Product tends to stick to dry bits on lips.
  3. Settles in the creases of the lips.
  4. A bit steep considering it does not do much for the lips.
Overall Verdict: 3/5

I was not too happy with this product and I feel its a bit overpriced. It does not quite fulfill its claim of being moisturising for the lips. There are better products in the market than this one. However, all being said, the colour is really nice.

Have you used this Lip Pencil? What are your thoughts? Do let me know in the comments section below..