Monday, 14 April 2014

Product Review: L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Colour Shade 604: Bella

Today I am going to review a lovely product from the L'oreal Paris stables, the Shine Caresse lip gloss.
It comes in 8 beautiful shades with really pretty names: Lolita, Venus, Bella, Faye, Juliette, Milady, Eve and Pretty Woman.
Each of these shades can complement most Indian skin tones. I was tempted to buy all the colours but settled for Bella.
It is a lovely sheer pink, but can be built up to a more deeper shade.

Product Claim:
List of Ingredients:
Price: INR 499/- for 6 gms of product.
Wearing a single sheer wash. No lip-Liner, to give you a feel of the actual product.
My take on the product:
I had been eyeing this new product for sometime, and finally bought it about two weeks ago. At the L'Oreal counter, as the sales assistant applied shade after shade on the back of my hand, I noted that none of the shades were overwhelming. A light application gave sheer wash of colour. The colour, however deepens on its own after a couple of minutes of application due to interaction with body heat. However, each of these shades can be built up for a deeper colour pay off,  opacity and greater coverage, especially if you have pigmented lips.
I chose Shade 604: Bella, because I am partial to pinks.
The Product comes in a golden coloured plastic tube packaging With a little window which displays the shade. The tube is in turn packed in a gold and black coloured carton, again with a little peep-window for you to be able to see the shade (very handy!!). It comes with a leaf-shaped sponge applicator. There is a cute little dimple in the middle of the applicator which holds the product and releases it, depending on how much pressure you put. More pressure, more product. If you want a sheer coverage, just sweep the applicator lightly over your lips. If you want it deeper, just apply one or two more coats, but do wait for a few moments to let the previous coat settle.
The formula is light, much lighter and non-sticky than Maybelline Lip Polish, but a tad bit heavier than Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment. But I did not have a problem with that. Shine Caresse has a very dewy look and is not high glamour dazzling shine, which makes it perfect for day-wear. There is a light fragrance as you apply it, but does not last too long.
The product though not completely transfer resistant, does not show up embarrassingly on cups/glasses.
The gloss lasts about 3-4 hrs with some light eating and drinking, but the stain stays on for 7-8 hrs. The stain also looks nice and not cracked due to its emollient nature.
All in all, the product stays true to its original claim.
  1. Light-wight
  2. Pigments can be adjusted from a sheer wash to a deeper tint.
  3. Not too shiny,so can be worn during a regular work-day.
  4. Nice range of shades. In face Juliette is a lovely red toned shade for those who are uncomfortable wearing very deep/bright shades of red.
  5. All shades suit the average Indian skin tone.
  6. Colour-stain long- lasting.
  7. Reasonably priced.
Can't really think of any!!
Product Rating: 4.99/5. Only because the dewy shine wears off in about 4 hrs.
I will be going back for more shades.........!!!
And you?