Monday, 15 August 2016

My Envy Box August 2016 Edition

Hi Everyone!

My Envy Box arrived today and because we are in the middle of a 3-day weekend, I decided to give you the round up today itself!

The Box has a monsoon theme with clouds and umbrellas. My daughters are already eyeing the box!

What's Inside this month's box? I got a couple of email teasers saying that its raining full sized products. So when I opened the box, I saw three out of four products are full sized. The fourth is a generous 50 ml sample pack. So let's explore My Envy Box further.

Hedonista Clear Moisturiser
Product Price: 1925 for 300 ml
Sample Size in Bag: 50 ml

I have really oily skin and this weather make it stickier. So I'm always on the lookout for a light, easily absorbed moisturiser. So I'm really looking forward to testing this product to see how it works on me.

Omorfee Lip Lightening Salve
Product Price: INR 549/- for 10 gems
Sample Size in Box: Full Size

Lip Balms are in season all the year round. And this product promises to restore natural soft, baby pink lips. Mow my lips aren't too pigmented, but who does;t like soft, pink lips?

O3+ Eye Circle Cream
Product Price: INR 385/- for 15 ml
Product Size in Box: Full Size

Not that I have bags or dark circles, but the promise of keeping wrinkles at bay, is definitely attractive!

Stay Quirky Nail Polish in LustyIllustration (877)
Product Price: INR 250/- to 300/- (sic.)
Sample Size in Box: Full Size

Does a price range indicate different prices for different shades? Will let you know whether I like the nail polish or not, in a bit.

Total Value of this month's Box: INR 1709/- approx. Not bad considering you pay 

Overall Verdict: Three out of four products are full sized, so thats quite nice. However, the nail polish isn't something I'm dying to try out. The other products are well curated, though!

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My Envy Box is a subscription service which brings you 5 trial sized beauty products (typically 2ml-10ml) from the top international luxury and prestige brands delivered to your door step every month. Priced at INR 850/- for a month, it may be subscribed for 3, 6, or 12 months. You may subscribe to this service HERE

Think and Stay Beautiful!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

August 2016 Edition of the FabBag

Hi Everyone!

This time round I have tried to be punctual in giving you an update on my new FabBag for August 2016.

This month the FabBag theme is "What the Chic". The products in this month's bag cater to skin care, hair care and makeup. Regular subscribers were allowed to choose a makeup product from Geri G. You could chose from foundations, concealers and a mineral blush and eyeshadow duo.

I think its not easy to pick up foundations and concealers from websites unless you are really familiar with the shades. So I decided to pick up the Geri G. Bending Cheek and Eye Duo.

This Month's Bag itself is black with pink accents. Looks quite smart, I think...

Geri G. Blending Cheek and Eye Duo
Product Price: INR 2500/- for 3 gems
Sample Size in Bag: Full Size

Just Herbs Kumuda - Sacred Lotus Rejuvenating Body Wash
Product Price: INR 545/- for 200 ml
Sample Size in Bag: 50 ml

Kronokare AntiTurm(Oil) Repairing Hair Oil
Product Price: INR 2875/- for 500 ml
Sample Size in Bag: 30 ml

Natural Bath and Body Gel Face Masque
Product Price: INR 325/- for 100 ml
Sample Size in Bag: 50 ml

Livon Serum
Product Price: INR 215/- for 100 ml
Sample Size in Bag: 3 ml x 3 sachets

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I am loving this month's Bag! Its a head-to-toe bag catering to hair care, body care and a dash of makeup! The Geri G. Blending Powder Cheek/Eye Duo was a customer choice from among foundations, concealers and ..... I wasn't sure of the shades so I decided to pick up the blending powder. I have been using it for about two weeks and its already become a staple!

The Natural Bath and Body Gel Face Masque is promising too. I've used it a couple of times. I'll do a review of the product soon. 

The Body wash and Hair Oil are nice too!

Total Value of Bag: INR 3000/-. A brilliant deal, if you ask me!

Overall Verdict: Go For It!!

FabBag is a monthly subscription service starting at INR 416/-. Each month's bag contains 3-5 products from national and international brands ranging from drugstore to luxury. Product sizes range from small sample sizes to full size. To join this service click HERE.