Sunday, 30 August 2015

FOTD: No Fuss Nude Make-Up

Hello Everyone!

The nude look has been in this monsoon with a vengeance. So here's a no-fuss way to recreate this look. This look can be carried at work, a day outing, or even and intimate dinner party.

I have used a B Cream base and only one matte brown shade of eye-shadow. I have avoided the use of mascara to keep the eyes looking close to natural.

Products Used for this Look:

  1. ColorBar BB Cream in Honey Glaze 
  2. Faces Vanishing Act Concealer in Medium
  3. Chambor Compact Powder RR5 Noisette
  4. Maybelline New York Blush Studio Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon
  5. Deborah Milano 24 ORE Velvet Long Lasting Eye Shadow
  6. Himalaya Kajal
  7. Elle 18 Liquid Eyeliner in Blackout
  8. Oriflame Lip Crayonin Coral
  9. Maybelline New York Lip Polish in Glam 14

Step By Step

  1. Prep your skin by applying your favourite moisturiser/sun block.
  2. Dot the BB Cream all over your face and blend in with a brush/sponge/just your fingers.
  3. Apply the concealer on areas where you may have spots or uneven patches. You may use a brush, I like to pat the product into my skin with my fingers.
  4. Set the base by dusting your face lightly with a compact powder. This step I like to do with a powder brush.
  5. Apply the blush with a very light hand starting at the apples of your cheeks and take the colour up to your temples. Apply some blush to the bridge of your nose, forehead and tip of the chin. Remember, very light hand..
  6. Apply the matte brown shade of the eyeshadow on the entire upper lid and swipe lightly along the lower lash line.
  7. Apply Kohl/Kajal along the lower lash waterline.
  8. Apply a line of eyeliner very close to the upper lash line.
  9. Line your lips with the nude lip liner and fill in your lips with the same lip liner.
  10. Apply one or two coats of the lip polish to finish.

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comments section below...

Think and Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

My Envy Box August 2015 Edition

Hi Everyone!

In the Indian Independence month,My Envy Box has chosen to celebrate India. The Box is a lovely festive maroon with gold accents. The artwork highlights all that our country is known for, the Taj Mahal, music, dance, festivals, diversity f religions and natural beauty!

Inside the box too, My Envy Box has curated Indian brands like Hedonista, Forest Essentials, Soul Tree, and Suganda. Let's look at the products a bit closely...

Hedonista Oudh Frozen Ittar
Product Price: INR 1045/- for 20 gms
Sample Size in Box: Full Size

I enjoy applying Ittar. But this is my first brush with frozen ittar. It has a lovely warm smell, yet fresh. I can't put my finger on it, but it smells like one had just stepped out of the bath. I'm already using it and I love its lingering fragrance! 

Suganda Neem-Green Tea Mask
Product price: INR 900/-
Product Size in Box: Full Size

Made of completely organic ingredients, the product promises to sooth acne prone and sensitive skin. I have adult acne, so I'm looking forward to using this mask. I will let you know how it fares on me.

Soul Tree Ayurvedic Kajal
Product Price: INR 350/- for 3 gms
Product size in Box: Full Size

Soul Tree kajals are good, so I was excited to see it. However when I checked the shade, it left me disappointed. The shade is called Fern Green.It is one of the lightest shade in this collection. Its not that I do not wear green eye products, but this green isn't for me. It says on the box that it can be used as eyeshadow too. I'll test it as such and let you know what I finally think of it. 

Forest Essentials Body Mist in Iced Pomegranate & Kerala Lime
Product Price: INR 1475/- for 100 ml
Product Size in Box: 50 ml

Forest Essentials is a really popular premium brand,so I was really happy to see a body mist in my Box! The fragrance is lovely, you can smell the freshness of the limes with just a hint of pomegranate. easily my current favourite when it comes to body mists!!

Total Value of the August Box: INR 3032/-. A great deal considering that one pays INR 850/- for a month's box.

So except for the kajal, I love all the other products.... 

My Envy Box is a subscription service which brings you 5 trial sized beauty products (typically 2ml-10ml) from the top international luxury and prestige brands delivered to your door step every month. Priced at INR 850/- for a month, it may be subscribed for 3, 6, or 12 months. You may subscribe to this service HERE

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Three Random Things Vol.22

Hello Everyone!

How has your weekend been? I've spent some time shopping and getting some new clothes stitched. You see, its less than 2 months away till Durga Puja! The festive season is here, so how are you preparing for it?

Q1. What is the most important festival in your annual calendar?
Answer: I am a proud Bengali and I'm happy to tell you that Durga Puja is the most important festival in my annual calendar. 

Image result for durga puja 2015

Q2. What do you like best about your favourite festival?
Answer: Durga Puja time is about turning weather, the fragrance of harsingar/parijat/night jasmine, the pushpanjali and the khichdi bhog!

Image result for parijat flower

Q3. What's the not so good part of your favourite festival?
Answer: The pollution caused by the visarjan (water immersion) of the idols. :(

I tag you to answer the following questions:
 Q1. What is the most important festival in your annual calendar?
Q2. What do you like best about your favourite festival?
Q3. What's the not so good part of your favourite festival?

You do not have to answer all the questions. Answer as many as you want! Hoping to read your responses in the comments section...

Think and Stay Beautiful!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

LOTD: Gold and Copper

Hello Everyone!

Here is a quick and easy look you can create for day-time wear. It is soft enough to be almost neutral, but it does add a dash of something in your daily look.

Products Used For This Look

  1. Bodyography Foundation Primer
  2. ColorBar BB Cream in  002 Honey Glaze
  3. Faces Vanishing Act Concealer Stick in medium
  4. Maybelline All-in-One Compact in 02 Nude Beige
  5. BeautyUK Blush in Rustic Peach
  6. Make Up Revolution Eyeshadow Palette in Redemption Palette Hot Smoked ( Gold Shade as the base colour of the lids.
  7. Elle 18 Liquid Eyeliner in Blackout
  8. Himalaya Kajal in Black
  9. Avon Extralasting lipstick in Carribean Copper
  10. BeChic Lip gloss in Chestnut

You can substitute all these products with what you have with you. Have fun creating this look! And share the fun you had in the comments section below!

Think and Stay Beautiful!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

FabBag August 2015 Edition

Hi Everyone!

The August FabBag has arrived! Lets take a peek into what's in the Bag this month!

The July FabBag pouch is pink with a metallic look. The theme for this month is 'Cast a Spell'. Fairy Tale Heroines have been represented in this Bag. Each of the items in the August badge connects with one or other princesses. Lets see how....

For Rapunzel
Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil
Product Price: INR 2000/- for 120 ml
Sample size in Bag: 5ml

SaND for Soapaholics - Totally Peanuts (Facial Cleanser)
Product Price: INR 530/- for 100gms
Product size on Bag: 10 gms

For the princess who kissed the Frog
Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Lipstick - Black
Product Price: INR 590/-  for 3.5 gms
Product size in Bag: Full Size 

For Princess Jasmine
Ital Veloce Body Mist
Product Price: INR 499/-  for 210ml
Product Size in bag: 12 ml

Divo Eyelash Curler
Product Price: INR 125/-

In the August 2015 FabBag, I am most keen on the SaND Face Cleanser. I have used it once, so far. It does not clean up makeup, but its great as a morning cleanser. Fran Wilson's Moodmatcher lipsticks are fun to use since it changes colour upon touching you skin. We are told that the lipstick will show a different shade on different people due to our unique body chemistry. Its a long lasting listick and was quite a pain taking off! 

I am really looking forward to using Roots Professional Morocvita Argan Oil. Argan oil has been touted as a miracle product. We'll see how it fares on me. The Ital Veloce body spray in Chii Town Blushes smells pleasantly of assorted flowers.

The Divo Eyelash curler looks promising too. Watch this space for detailed reviews....

FabBag is a monthly subscription service starting at INR 399/-. Each month's bag contains 3-5 products from national and international brands ranging from drugstore to luxury. Product sizes range from small sample sizes to full size. To join this service click HERE.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Three Random Things Vol.21

Hello Everyone!

A Happy Independence Day to you all! So lets look at some Independence Day memories...

Q1. What's you favourite independence Day activity?

Answer: Flying kites with my girls!
Image result for kite flying festival drawing

Q2. What are your earliest memories of Independence Day?

Answer: As a kid where we stayed, there was a very active Resident Welfare Association. They organised a day of sports for kids and grown ups alike. There would be fun races and cricket matches, and a whole lot of fun!

Image result for fun races

Q3. What is your Independence Day Motto?

Image result for live and let live tattoo

I tag you to answer the following questions:

Q1. What's you favourite independence Day activity?

Q2. What are your earliest memories of Independence Day?

Q3. What is your Independence Day Motto?

You do not have to answer all the questions. Answer as many as you like! Hoping to hear from you soon!

Sunday, 16 August 2015

J. Jenkins' Teaching Thoughts: What Teachers Do Matters, But What Teachers Don't ...

J. Jenkins' Teaching Thoughts: What Teachers Do Matters, But What Teachers Don't ...: What Teacher’s Don’t Do Matters Even More by Jill Jenkins In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I couldn't help but share this blog post with you, my readers. This article applies to both, teachers as well as parents.

Friday, 14 August 2015

NOTD: Summer Flowers

Hello Everyone!

Today I've got a really easy nail for you. All you need is a toothpick, base nail colour and two other complementary colours. I have chosen a nude pink, a red and white colours.

Step 1: Apply the base nail colour of your choice.
Step 2: Apply one dot of the second nail colour with the help of a toothpick.
Step 3: Apply 5-6 dots around the first dot, to resemble a flower.
Step 4: Apply a top coat.

1-2 nails became a little untidy, since one of the princesses jumped on me... but you get the drift. Anyone can do it.

Think and Stay Beautiful!!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Product Review: Avon Metallic Effects Nail Enamel in Jade Reflection

Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a new nail polish launched by Avon India. Avon has a wide selection of nail paints at different price points. The new Metallic Effects range has just been launched in August 2015. It comes in five shades namely, Jade Reflection, Icy Purple, Foiled Chrome, Arctic Steel and Copper Gleam. Of these, I am reviewing the shade Jade Reflection. Let us see how the product fared on me...

Product Claim:

Avon's Metallic Effects Nail Enamel comes with

  • Ultra Reflective Mirror Shine Finish
  • Intense Metallic Polish
  • Chip Resistant
Product Price: INR 249/- for 8ml

 My Take on the Product

The Avon Metallic Effects Nail Enamel comes in a rectangular glass bottle with a black plastic cap. The brush has a good thickness and helps apply the product smoothly. The formula of the product itself is excellent. It is not thin and runny like many nail polishes. It is comfortably thick and gives true colour and opaque finish in one application. For the swatches here I have applied only one coat. I'm not so sure of the mirror finish, but its definitely has a beautiful metallish sheen to it. It really does catch the eye!

The product lasted well on my nails. Considering I had applied only one coat and no top coat, I could see fading on the tips after 4 days of wear. That too was quite imperceptible and would be visible on close and careful scrutiny. There was no chipping for almost 6 days. So, I would say, the product comes good on its promise.

All the colours in this range are really pretty. I know I will pick up more shades in this range.


  1. Good packaging.
  2. Good brush, helps in smooth application.
  3. Few shades, but each one is really nice.
  4. True colour and opacity in one coat.
  5. Lasts for a good 4 days before fading at the tips.
  6. No chipping for 6 days.
  1. I would have loved a lower price point..

Overall Verdict: 4.8/5. I've loved this Nail Enamel. And I'm buying more shades!!

Have you used Avon Metallic Effects Nail Enamel? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments section below..

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Three Random Thoughts Vol. 20

Hello Everyone!

How it rained in Delhi on Sunday!! I found myself bailing out water with a mug and bucket from the two balconies. The outflow of water was much slower than what was coming down from the skies!!

So what are the random thoughts that hit me in the past week?

Q1. How long do you sleep at night?

Answer: Last couple of weeks I have been sleeping only 4.5 - 5 hrs at night. Work and the kids keep me busy through the day and I like to watch a bit of TV before going to sleep as a little bit of me time. I know. I know, I'm three hours short of my beauty sleep. Hopefully, I'll catch up soon.

Q2. How soundly do you sleep?

Answer: That depends on how exhausted I am. When I'm generally relaxed, I can wake up at the slightest sound or movement. But if I've had a tough day, I'm known to have slept through earthquakes and people ringing my doorbell for nearly half an hour, before I registered what was happening!

Q3. What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

Answer: I sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow case before going to sleep.

Image result for sleep

I tag you to answer the following questions:

Q1. How long do you sleep at night?

Q2. How soundly do you sleep?

Q3. What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?

You do not have to answer all the questions. Answer as many as you like.

Waiting to hear from you!!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Three Random Things Vol.19

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Yesterday was Friendship Day. When I was growing up, we did not really have these Friendship, Valentine's, Mother's or Father's days or other such similar 'Days' that we observed and celebrated. Many argue that greeting card companies, especially Hallmark, actually thought up these days to boost sales of their products beyond Christmas, New Year and birthdays.

But I say, as long as you are celebrating, and not hurting anyone, how does it matter?

So now for today's questions.....

Q1. Do you remember your first ever friend?

Answer: Yes, I do. We went to preschool together and were neighbours too! One of Our dad's would drop us to school in the morning and our moms would walk us back home together. We were truly joined at the hip!
Image result for joined at the hip meaning 

Q2.  Who is your oldest friend ever?

Answer: The very same mentioned above. Both of us are married with kids now, yet we find time to touch base with one another. Both our families also do a picnic together in the winters.

Image result for picnic with kids cartoons 

Q3. When did you meet your BFF?

Answer: I met my BFF while pursuing a Masters Degree. We've been with each other through thick and thin. We've fought and made up. We are located nearly 1500 kilometers from each other. We don't always talk everyday. Yet we have a connection.

I tag you to answer the following questions:

 Q1. Do you remember your first ever friend?
Q2.  Who is your oldest friend ever?
Q3. When did you meet your BFF?

You do not have to answer all the questions. Answer as many as you wish, even one. Hoping to read your answers in the comments section.....