Hello Everyone!

I am Sanchita  Ghosh from New Delhi, India. I am a full time high school teacher and mom. For the longest time I had no idea that a whole world of beauty blogging existed. I stumbled into this universe when trying to figure out whether I should buy this new launched beauty product. I decide to 'google' it, and there it was. One blog led to another and I thought I could do it too! Especially, since most beauty blogger are in their teens, twenties or early 30's. There are many blogs and vlogs by 'over the hill' ladies, but they were usually from Europe or North America.

As far as I know, there are very, very few beauty blogs in India by women in this bracket. So I thought to fill this gap. I'm not entirely sure how serious I am about a beauty blog, but it definitely helps me de-stress and unwind from the day-to-day struggles of life.

I am not a beauty professional or trained make-up artist or beautician. Whatever I write comes from my personal experience and research. What I write is straight from the heart and honest opinions. But then they are my personal opinions. If a product works for me, it may not work for someone else, since body chemistry in different for each individual.

Blogs usually take on a life of their own. And it so happened that I have begun to post recipes too. And recently a good friend, Devjani Ghosh Roy has also very generously agreed to contribute to this blog. 

There are many blogs out there that are much better than this, but then I'm not competing with anybody. Writing this blog makes me happy. And I hope, you will enjoy reading it and perhaps benefit too!