Friday, 10 June 2016

Make Personalised Maps with Google My Maps

Hi Readers!

I do not usually write posts on education or integrating technology in the classroom. But this is another area I feel very strongly about. I always on the look-out for new ways to engage my students in the learning of History using technology. 

I already have an up and running website for my students. But more on that later.

CBSE requires Grade 12 History students to prepare a research project. The general understanding is that the students will either in groups or as individuals make a pen and paper file of their project topics. The maximum use of technology, in most cases is using Google as a search engine, copying and pasting from Wikipedia, printing all this out, slap it into a folder and submitting it to the teacher.

I wanted to make this engagement with technology a bit deeper. So This year, I have asked my students to create a website instead of a file. 

Among other things I want my students to create their own customised historical maps, especially since images of historical maps of India are not so easily available. For this they do not need to be a tech whiz, know HTML and a whole bunch of geeky things, whose names I do not know......

Google My Maps has come to the rescue. How to use it? Here's how!

Go ahead, try it out, and tell me how it worked for you!