Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Google Tip of the Day: How to add an element to all your slides in one go..

Hello All,

I'm taking this 'teaching to learn' business a bit seriously right now. So here is something I learn recently and thought of sharing with you all.

Many of you have moved to using Google Slides for your presentations from PowerPoint Presentations. And you've been making brilliant presentations! Now you want to add your school/company logo or perhaps your name in all the slides, but hate doing that one slide at a time...

So lets save some time to make space for greater creativity! We'll add, whatever it is that you want to add to the entire slide deck in one go.... I am using an image, you can do anything that strikes your fancy!

  1. Open a new slide deck (or maybe an existing one), name it.
  2. Choose your theme
  3. Fill out your title Slide
  4. Add a new Slide
  5. Click on VIEW
  6. Select MASTER from the drop-down menu
  7. When the Master Slide Editor opens, Click on INSERT
  8. Select IMAGE
  9. From the Image window that opens, choose an image to upload from you computer or search online. Select whatever you like.
  10. Resize the image to suit your needs and place it exactly where you want it on the master slide.
  11. You are done!

More next time!