Friday, 24 July 2015

Empties Post July 2015

Hello All!

So here comes my second installment of Empties.So far I have stuck to my resolution of buying 1 for every 2 products that I finish. Thus far I have not bought any new product. The only incoming ones are the ones in my FabBag and My Envy Box. So what are my Empties for this month? Keep on reading......

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy White Skin Lightening Body Milk. My mother had picked up this sample bottles from a visiting sales rep. This product was lying at the bottom of my drawer for nearly a year when I rediscovered it in April of this year. The texture of the product was runny and got absorbed into the skin fairly rapidly. It had a light powdery smell, nothing to write about really. Did it whiten my skin? I don't really care about whitening products, so I didn't really watch out for that. Will I be purchasing this product? No, because this has no SPF and didn;t really strike me as a must have. 
Product Price: I don't remember!

Aaahh! Lacto Calamine! This product has been my friend since my mom introduced me to it when I was 15. These were days before tinted moisturisers and BB Creams and even SPFed sunscreens. This was a must have for all oily skinned girls. It acted as an oil-free moisturizer, sunscreen, a teenager's foundation, pimple treatment, the list is quite endless. I have not given it up still and it finds a place on my dresser even today. Of course now I buy the tiniest bottle since I don't use it as much as I used to. I use it now during summer evenings when I'm at home and have no plans of going out. It gives a nice matte finish and keeps oil at bay for about 2 hours after which it begins to oxidize on my skin. In extreme humid conditions this period is reduced of course. But so are most similar products. Will I rebuy? Now they have a variant for dry skin as well, which I'd like to try out in the coming winter months.

Product Price: INR 55/- for 30ml

BeautyLab Smart Defence Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20 is not exactly this months Empty. I finished this product in March actually and I only found the bottle this month as I was rearranging my dresser. Since I had only 2 official entries for this month's empties, I decided to add this in. I was quite happy with this product that I received in one of my Fabbags. I could definitely see an inprovement in my skin. It felt plumper and glowy. Will I buy this product? There are a few other similar skin products that I want to try. So no, not immediately.

Product Price: INR 2800/-  for 30 ml

So that's it for this month, folks!

Think and Stay Beautiful!!