Monday, 27 July 2015

Day #2 of 7Days 7Eyes with Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eye Liner

Hi Everyone!
FabBag announced a contest about creating different eye looks using Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eye Liner. So I thought why not make it a bit more challenging for myself.  Then was born the 7Days 7Eyes Challenge.
What did you think of Day #1? What are we doing on Day #2?

When your eyes are open, it looks like any other lined eyes, but when you close them.......
Again, a very easy to create look. Choose your favourite eyeshadow palette. I have chosen Makeup Revolution London Eye shadow palette in Redemption Essential Shimmers.  Make sure the shades are more towards the neutral end of the spectrum. The liner is the prima donna, you can't overshadow her with too dark shades...
Once you have shadowed your eyes, draw a medium thick line using the Sugar Eye Told You So Waterproof Eye Liner along your upper lash line. Wing it boldly at the outer corner of your eye.
 Take the eyeliner wand and from the end of the winged tip, trace the liner between your crease line and eyebrow towards the centre. There you are... 
Apply a black kohl along your lower water line. I have used Florelle Kohl in black. 

What do you think? Try it out and let me know. 
Think and Stay Beautiful!