Thursday, 9 January 2014

Product Review: Somi's Glow Safe Sunscreen Lotion

Somi Gupta's products have been around now for over 5 years and I have used a couple of them for about 3 years. I am fan of her Glow Fresh Face and Body Grains.

Today I will be reviewing another of her products called Somi's Glow Safe Sunscreen Lotion. As I re-visited Somi Gupta's website, I dicovered that the packaging of the product has been changed. So the new Package is here:
The one I bought is so:
Product Claim:
Product Price: INR 140/- for 100ml

List of Ingredients:

  1. Neelotpala Patra: Is said to  improve circulation, widely used in aromatherapy
  2. Kur: Couldn't figure out what this is!
  3. Chandan: Known for its cooling properties, great for oily, acne prone skin, reverses sun-damage to skin, anti-aging.
  4. Benermul: Again don't know what it is.
  5. sodium hydroxide: is an inorganic compound used to control the pH levels or serve as a buffering agent in cosmetics and personal care products
  6. Carbomer: is used as a thickener and emulsion stabilizer
  7. Propylene Glycol: is a humectant, which means it helps the skin to absorb moisture
  8. Glycerin: is a wonderful moisturizer for all skin types.
  9. Strearic Acid: Good emulsifying & thickening properties (stabilizes emulsions), gives soft waxy, pearly & cooling feel on the skin. 
  10. Ethylene Glycol Monostearate: used as emulsifying agent in various face creams and cosmetic lotions
  11. Light Liquid paraffin:  is a very highly refined mineral oil used in cosmetics
  12. Titanium Dioxide: It is an inert earth mineral used as a thickening, whitening, lubricating, and sunscreen ingredient in cosmetics. It protects skin from UVA and UVB radiation and is considered to have no risk of skin irritation
  13. Then a bunch of parabens as preservatives. 
Product Swatches:

After Blending

My experience with the Product:

The product  has a light foundation-like colour and texture, much like a tinted moisturizer. It glides well on the skin and is not too difficult to blend in. It has a nice gentle fruity, sandalwoody smell, but it goes away in a while. I have applied it regularly for a couple of months now and I have not noticed any more tanning than I usually get. My only issue is that it does not mention the SPF factor. But it seems in the neighbourhood of around SPF 15. Another point is that you are asked to re-apply every 2-3 hrs......... inconvenient , if you ask me. It also says nothing about being water or sweat proof, so what does one do during the hot, humid months? 

Somi Gupta also has a couple of talk shows (on Bangla Channels), where she says that the product can be used as a substitute for foundation. In that sense it gives very little coverage. Lacto Calamine has better coverage than this. However, Glow Safe does hold a face powder well.

1. Nice Texture
2. Does not streak
3. Easy to blend into skin
4. Reasonable price
5. Pleasant smell

1. Does not mention SPF factor
2. Needs to be re-applied every 2-3 hrs.
3. Does not give coverage like foundation as per its claim

4. Is not water or sweat proof

5. Not easily available outside West Bengal

Product Rating 2.5/5 
Mainly for its nice texture and easy blendability. If you are not looking for coverage and are not finicky about SPF numbers then you could go for it.

Will I buy this product again? No,  with all the nice BB creams around...............

There are 2 ingredients which I couldn't quite figure out............I'd love you to tell me about them so this could be a complete review!

Otherwise too,let me know if you find these reviews useful at all!! Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

See you!