Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Product Review: Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum:Intensive Hair Growth Treatment

Hello Beautiful!
I'm on a major product reviewing spree at the moment............ So today I am going to review Biotique's Bio Mountain Ebony Fresh Growth Stimulating Serum:Intensive Hair Growth Treatment

I has used this product many years ago and was most unimpressed by it then. However, I have recently rediscovered the product which is now much improved! I recently received a mailer from www.medplusbeauty.com (I am a regular shopper on this site) offering flat 30% discount on Biotique products. I had used some of their other products and thought it would be nice to browse through again. I picked up a few things (which I will review later) but I wanted to hit the INR 600/- mark to avail of their free shipping offer. So I gave this product another go.

And I am glad I did! This time round the product is so much better!

Product Claim:

Now to the real part. The product comes in a 120 ml plastic  semi-transparent bottle with a green screw-on cap. The mouth of the bottle has a a small hole to dispense the product drop-by-drop so you needn't pour it out in a bowl or anything. You can directly apply a couple of drops at a time to your scalp.... very convenient! The bottle itself comes in a cardboard box and has a security seal, so you know the product has not been tampered with.
For 120 ml, the product is priced at: INR 159/- but I got it at 30% discount (the offer was on at www.medplusbeauty,com)


  1.  Neem: contain azadirachtin compound which gives neem its anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic properties
  2. Mulethi: is used in hair care as it promotes the growth of hair according to ayurveda. It is also believed to help keep the scalp moist and hydrated. People with thinning hair can benefit from using licorice as it works on the adrenal glands.
  3. Pippali/laung: Said in ayurveda to be useful in controlling hairloss.
  4. Kusumbhi Tail (oil)/safflower:  it has the highest level of linoleic fatty acid available commercially. It is very beneficial to very dry flaky skin, excellent conditioner for dry scalp
  5. Pudina/Mint: Mint acts as a cooling sensation to the skin and helps in dealing with skin irritations, therefore good for the scalp too.
  6. Kachnar/mountain ebony: Has antiseptic properties and is said to promote hair growth.
My Experience with the Product:

When I first sniffed the product it was really pleasant..... the husband likes it too....... a minty-herbal-floral smell. The earlier product was very watery and runny, but this time it is more viscous. It is a deep burgundy colour . It is called a serum but its not meant for the hair shaft. It is supposed to be used on the scalp. the little hole on the top of the bottle is very effective and you can use the product directly from the bottle with zero wastage. I have a dry,itchy scalp with dandruff and the serum had an immediate cooling effect on my scalp. This pleasant sensation lasts till the scalp is wet, but the itchiness has definitely reduced. I usually apply the serum before going to bed and it definitely relaxes me. So the product most surely delivers on its promise of the scalp feeling "toned, exhilarated, free from dryness and irritation"! 

It does not leave the scalp feeling oily. I don't have to wash off the product. It gets completely absorbed. I have seen no residue either on my pillow-case (I apply it before bedtime) nor on my comb ( I use a white one)

As for promoting hair growth........ hmmm...... I don't know... is it because of my aloevera gel treatment or this, I definitely have some new hair growth. However, the product has not led to any more hair loss......... So that is good!

  1. Nice packaging
  2. Bottle dispenser is good and there is no wastage of product
  3. Reasonably priced 
  4. Not too watery, a more viscous texture
  5. Non-sticky
  6. Does not have to be washed off or shampooed
  7. No residue
  8. Pleasant smell
  9. Cools and reduces itchiness of scalp
  10. I have definitely seen a reduction of dandruff
  11. Has not caused me any hair loss
  12. Easily available
  13. No preservatives
  14. Not tested on animals
  1. Not sure about new hair growth
  2. Called a serum but does not control frizz, does not de-tangle hair
Overall Rating: 4.9/5 only because I am not sure of new hair-growth claim.

Will I buy this product again? YES