Saturday, 11 March 2017

Easy Peasy Home made Holi Colours

Hi Everyone!

Holi, the spring festival of colour is just 2 days away! How many of you are afraid of playing Holi because of all the horrible and harmful chemical colours? I know I used to break out in painful rashes after people rubbed chemical gulal (powder colour) on me. The solution? Use herbal colours. Of course it is quite easy to find skin-safe, herbal gulal in the market. But is feels much better when you have made the colours yourself, using things that you can find easily in your kitchen cupboard. 

I ran a quick google search to see what tips were available out there. Most of the things I saw there were difficult to make with complex steps or used materials which are not always handy or readily available. 

What if I told you that you could make your own holi colours in under one minute? Don't believe me? Keep reading....

Photo Courtesy Nita Ganguly

For a bright yellow colour

Mix Turmeric powder and besan (chickpea flour) in a 1:1 ratio.  If applied as a dry powder, it is easily brushed off. If you mix water an make it to a paste like consistency, it will leave a pale yellow stain on the skin, which will wash off in a day or two. Far from harming the skin, it is a staple in your skincare routine!

For Red colour

Mix in 1:1 ratio Roli or sindoor (vermilion powder) and maida (white flour).


For Blue Colour

Mix in 1:1 ratio Robin Blue powder (or any indigo powder) with white flour.

 Image result for natural indigo powder 

For Green colour

Either use henna powder on its own or mix it with white flour.

Use these natural, safe colours to play Holi this year.You may even pack these up in zip-lock bags and gift them to your friends and family so they can play a safe Holi too!!

Do you have any easy peasy holi colour recipes? Share them in the comments section below.

Happy Holi!!

Disclaimer: None of the above photographs are mine.