Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Product Review: Lakme Absolute Lip Tint Creme

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Time for another review. This time its a lip product for the Lakme stables. I picked up the colour Plum Rush since I was looking for a deeper shade for the winters. Let us see how the product fared on me...

Product Price INR 650/- for 3 gms 

Product Claim:
This is more than just a hint of tint! The new Lakme Absolute Lip Pout brings you a thick creamy Crayon that will give your lips a rich deep color and incredible shine in just one stroke. A range of high performance make-up collection, these lip tints come in pop, happy colors that will make your pout definitely stand out! Pick the Lakme Absolute Lip Pout Creme Lip Color in Coral Pink, right away!

  • Extra creamy lipcolor with excellent color pay off
  • Retractable pencil that requires no sharpener
  • To be stored below 30°C
  • Comfortable application and Vibrant shades
  • Available in 10 shades

My Take on the Product:
The Lip Crayon comes in a plastic case with a silver coloured cap. It has a twist-up format which I really like, since it means almost no product wastage. The formula itself is really creamy and moisturising. The colour pay-off is quite good, considering this is a lip tint. It has a mild, candy-like fragrance and after-taste, if you happen to lick your lips, But it disappears soon and didn't really bother me.

The shade that I picked up is called Plum Rush. It is a rich, brownish red colour that adds warmth to my complexion. It has a very 'lip balmy' texture. The application is smooth. But it tends to be a bit streaky on the first swipe. It takes about 2-3 swipes to even out the colour on the lips. The Lip Tint has a lovely sheen on application. The product is really moisturising, though you cannot apply it over chapped lips. The product tends to 'grab' around the dry bits. I do not have very dry lips, so it worked pretty well for me. 

The Lip Tint survived some light snacking, but smudges and wears off during meals. It is not transfer resistant so it will stain glasses as you drink. It did settle into the fine lines of the lips, but I spotted it only when I looked very, very carefully. So That is not really an issue. The product does not really stain when it wears off, just leaves behind a hint of colour. Reapplication is not a problem. And I love the fact that it is easy to remove. I hate long-lasting lipsticks and eye products, which require too much rubbing and scrubbing to get off your face at the end of the day! 

In natural day-light

In white light

  1. Comes in a sturdy, retractable packaging, thus minimising product wastage.
  2. Creamy and moisturising.
  3. Moisturising effect remains even after the colour fades.
  4. Good colour pay-off
  5. Candy-like fragrance, but not too sickly sweet.
  6. Decent staying power. Lasts for about 4-5 hrs with light snacking.
  7. Easy to remove.
  8. A good range of shades.
  1. Application can be a bit streaky.
  2. Price is a bit steep for what the product offers.
Overall Verdict: 3.5/5.  Though I liked the product very much, it is unlikely I will buy any more shades from this range. Similar products are available at a much lower price point, especially if you are looking to buy the lighter shades in this range. However, all said and done, its a nice product for dry lips.

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