Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Devjani's Corner Cook With Me: It's pickling time.... With Gobi, Gajar and Shalgam


Come winter in north India Gobi Gajar and Shalgam ka achhar (Indian Pickled Cauliflowers,Carrots and Turnips) is a household must do. Since every family has their tried and tested secret recipe tucked away there are as many versions of this recipe.

My friend Raseel and I decided to try out her family recipe . " for years my mother made this achaar and gave us, it's time I used her recipe and gave her some"...

So she dug into the recipe book of her 85 year old mother, Satwant Sawhney , an alumni of Lady Irwin College , Delhi...and I hope you enjoy making and sharing it with others as much as we did ...and as did Raseel's mother for all these years!  

This recipe will make around 6 large 1 kg jars. It is slightly time consuming so save an afternoon for this. And as we realized it's fun doing it with friends.

You will need :

2 kgs each of carrots, cauliflower and turnip. Get the freshest possible , it adds to the taste. Do not peel, wash well cut into 2 inch strips, slices or florets and dry for 3-4 hrs in the sun or use the fan overnight.


Other ingredients:
1. 250 gms each garlic, ginger, onion peeled and ground not too fine. 

2. 200 gms rai, ground dry
3. 50gms Kashmiri chilli powder and 1-2 tbsp red chilli powder or to taste.
4. 1tbsp Garam masala
5. 1/2 liter mustard oil
6. 800 gms Gur or jaggery
7. 1 cup vinegar


1. In a large karahi, heat oil till it fumes , add the garlic, ginger, onion paste and fry till golden in colour. Remove from fire. 
2. Add the chilli powders and salt and mix well and let it cool. 

3. When cool add Garam masala and rai powder. 

4. Divide this mixture into 4 parts . Similarly divide the vegetables too into four parts and mix each portion of the prepared masala into a portion of the vegetables. This division is important to ensure a balanced mixing.


5. Put into jars and leave in the sun for 3-4  days. The vegetables will mature in the spices and settle leaving space in the jar. This  breathing space is important for the next step.  

6. Heat the vinegar and Gur after the last step has been achieved. Using a spoon evenly pour into the jars.        


7. The pickle will be ready in another 2 days.

Enjoy and share.

Do let me know your variation of the same pickle.

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