Saturday, 3 May 2014

DIY: Banish Persisitent Dandruff!!

Sometimes, all it takes is a couple of ingredients from our kitchen to treat yourself to brilliant solutions to persistent problems.
Let us look at one of the most widespread hair related problem people over the world suffer from. DANDRUFF!!
I wonder how many treatments, shampoos, lotions etc we have all tried to keep this menace at bay. But how often have we failed when Dandruff has come right back with a vengeance?
So I'm going to share with you a brilliant tip my hair dresser gave me some time ago. And when I say brilliant, I mean BRILLIANT!!
Here Goes......
All you need is:
Yes, reallyy!!
Only these two!
How to go about it?
Step 1:
juicing lemon    lemon juice
Step 2:
grate ginger  juicing
Step 3:
Mix the two together in equal quantities.
mix (No need to put in ice, though..)
Step 4:
Apply all over scalp with cotton. Leave for about Half an hour and...
Step 5:
Wash off with water, or shampoo if  you want.
Do this as often as you can, daily,if you can manage and see the difference. It definitely helped me!
Remember, lemon can dry the skin, and it is not meant for coloured hair.

None of the above photos are mine. They have all been sourced from the net.