Sunday, 18 October 2015

Devjani's Corner: The Many Uses Of Tea Cups


The time spent with my dear friend Indu is always enriching.

She has taught me the real meaning of the word gratitude ...a God fearing person, there is always "shukar"(Thank you) on her lips.

Her house is a treat to the eyes and as an artist she manages to change the decor by moving just a few objects....

One of the lessons I have learnt is to always place your things  at different levels... Be it curios, plants in the balcony or even laying out food on the table.

Bored with my flower vases , this week I decided to use tea cups as containers. To give them a height I placed them on ice cream cups... Any other height enhancer will do.

Place the oasis foam in them and arrange the flowers... Don't forget to put in ample of greens.. I used carnations with golden rod.

The compliments just poured in... All I can say is "shukar ".

Devjani is a wife, mother, teacher, social worker, a gardening and cooking enthusiast, a globe trotter, a bundle of boundless energy and an extremely creative person. She loves to share easy recipes, ideas to keep kids creatively occupied, and a host of other tips and tricks around the home and beyond.