Friday, 2 October 2015

Devjani's Corner (Cook with Me): Gilki or Tori (Ridge Gourd) the Malawi Way

Hello Everyone!

The malawis (of Madhya Pradesh) are mainly vegetarians .. But not boring. In fact they do interesting things to boring vegetables.

 This recipe is from Rajani's kitchen in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Rajani, a Malawi is a hard core vegetarian and her husband a strict  Mathur nonvegetarian..... So their dinner table is always an exciting blend of different cuisines. More about the Mathur meat cuisines later... Today it is back to the humble tori.

It's got a fun name there... Gilki

Gilki or tori the Malawi way


  1. Tori 1/2 kg scraped, slit    
  2. Dhania/Coriander powder
  3. Jeera/Cumin powder, 
  4. Haldi/Turmeric Powder,
  5. Salt, 
  6. Amchoor/Mango powder
  7. Red chilli powder All to taste 
  8. Hing/asafoetida  and jeera/cumin seeds for tempering in one tablespoon of oil
  9. 1/2cup roasted coarsely ground peanuts 

1. Mix all powders and fill the tori. 

2. Then chop them to one inch pieces.

3. In hot oil put hing/asafoetida, jeera/cumin seeds allow it to splutter for 1/2 a minute
4. Add the vegetables.
5. If the tori is fresh it will release a lot of water to cook in it. However if they are not so fresh a few sprinkling of water may be required. 
6. Cover and cook . 

7. When done add the peanuts and serve hot.

Bon Appetite!