Friday, 14 June 2013

DIY Cleaning Jewellery at Home

Hi All!

How many of you love silver jewellery? I sure do! but there is something about my body chemistry that turns any silver that I wear, black........... 

Some one told me to scrub my silver with toothpaste/toothpowder, but it was too much hard work, and did not really change the colour of tarnished silver for me. Others told me to boil my silver in detergent water, but that didn't work very well either. Recently a friend shared this recipe with me which had been give to her by her mom.

I tried it out with two sets I wear regularly, a pair of anklets which I have been wearing for nearly seven years and they had turned quite black. Another is a pair of silver bangles which belong to my mother and are about as old as I am........   So , they were quite tarnished! I was pleasantly surprised as to how simple and quick this method was. 

So I thought, why not share it with you as well.

What you need:
 1 tsp each if salt, backing powder/soda and dish wash liquid, aluminium foil, a glass bowl, 1 cup water.

Line the glass bowl with aluminium foil.
 Mix the dish wash liquid, salt and backing powder/soda

 Heat a cup of water to boiling point

 Pour it into the mixture.

 Place your jewellery in this mix and shake it around a bit. Leave for about 10 minutes

Brush lightly with a toothbrush to remove the dirt from the crevices.
Wash with fresh water and wipe with soft cloth.

Do you see the difference? It was like magic!

I am told that it works equally well for gold jewellery, with stones set as well!

Try it out and let me know how it worked for you!

Take Care!!