Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year Resolutions 2017


My first introduction to New Year Resolutions was in primary school. Our teacher was away and we were making a racket. The teacher from the neighbouring classroom walked in and asked us to write down 5 New Year Resolutions.

I do not remember my resolutions for that year. But I do remember that for a long time I kept on making a list of New Year resolutions. I stuck to very few, broke most of them.

In recent years, I have not really bothered making a list. Why? Is it because I break most of them anyway so why waste my time? No. I'm not cynical. Not yet. 

I think I have changed the way I look at New Year. New Year to me now means buying a new calendar and getting used to writing the correct year. Ha ha!

I see each day as the 'first day of the rest of my life'. Not because I am doing something momentous each day, but because I'm trying to live each day, each moment. So now I have more 'what is my resolution for today'. Not lists. One thing at a time. 

For instance, I noticed over the past couple of days that I was not drinking enough water. So, today's resolution was "Drink at least two litres of water today". Did I stick to my resolution today? 

You bet I did. In fact I drank some more. 

I cannot handle vagueness. I need concrete doable things. So I feel like a winner today. 

What's my resolution for tomorrow? Eat 2 whole fruits. Not drink packaged juice, but chew two whole fruits tomorrow. Will I keep my resolution? You bet, I will.