Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Product Review: Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream in Bronze

 Hi All!

Today I am reviewing the Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream in Bronze. I have been using it for about a month. It is somewhere between a BB Cream and a foundation.I am reasonably satisfied with this product. I wouldn't say completely thrilled, since you need to work a little hard to really blend in this product into your skin.
 Product Price: INR 250/- for 30 ml of product.

This Product comes in two shades, Beige (for fair to wheatish tone) and Bronze (for deeper skin tones). Even though the shade palette is limited, it can suit a wide variety of Indian skin tones.


It comes in a dual packaging of a metallic red outer carton and a glowy, flesh toned tube with a silver coloured cap. The dispenser is a tiny hole on the top of the tube. It is slightly difficult to control the amount of product dispensed. If too much comes out, there is no way you can put it back in. Some brands have come out with pump tubes, maybe Lakme can consider that. Trial and error will help you figure how much of the product you need. Even a nozzle would be better then the product can be dotted over the face directly, rather than on the back of the palm and then lifting the product from there on to the face. It will limit skin contact and slow down formula disintegration due to contact with the oils present on the skin of our hands.
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My Experience with the Product:

The Product is neither too runny or too creamy and spreads well over the skin. It gives medium coverage and if you have obvious blemishes, just take a tiny bit, and dab it over the area with your finger till it blends in. There is no need for a concealer.

I have oily skin, however , on first application, the finish was quite dry, I was wondering if I needed any moisturising prior to application. But within minutes, I could see the product adjusting to a more comfortable state of matte without being drying. However, if you have very oily skin, you can set this cream with a touch of pressed or loose powder. The product does not feel cakey and sits like second skin. It does not settle into pores and lines of the skin. However, it takes about a minute and a half to blend the product in well. I have tried it with a foundation brush, a foundation sponge and my hands. A regular foundation brush doesn't really do the job well. Using the sponge was quite efficient if you do not mind the sponge soaking in a lot of the product. It blended well with my fingers.  Beauties with dry skin will have to moisturise their skin before application.

The product does not oxidise on my skin ( i typically wear the product for about 6 hrs in a day. However, after about 2-3 hrs in the dry summer heat of Delhi, I could see the shine on my t-zone. I just blot it up with some tissue paper and I'm good to go. In more humid weather, I blot more often and apply some pressed powder.

Though I am prone to acne, this product did not upset my skin. That makes me happy.

It is easy to clean up with a regular face wash or cleanser.

At this price point, I think this is a brilliant product! Great for students on a budget, or even a great substitute for a regular foundation-concealer-powder regime, when you are rushed and short on time.

This is my current go-to product for rushed mornings............ which is the case with me more often than not!

Product Swatch: 

After Blending

1. 2 shades can cover a fairly wide range of skin tones.
2. Attractive packaging
3. Good product consistency
4. Spreads well over face.
5. Medium coverage.
6. Can double up as concealer over minor skin flaws like light pigmentation, freckles, acne marks as soon as the pimple dries up...
7. Does not oxidise too quickly.
8.Gives a matte finish without drying out.
9. Does not settle into pores and lines on the skin.
10.Did not cause any major break out on my skin.
11. Great price-point.
12. Decent SPF 20

1. The dispenser can be better to control the amount of product needed. A pump or even nozzle would be better.
2. Dry skinned beauties will need to moisturise skin before application.
3. One shade on each side of the spectrum can be added to cover more skin tones.
4.. Formula may break down sooner on very oily skin or during extremely humid weather, but I suppose we can't get everything at this price point.

Product Rating: 4/5, the score loses half a point because of the dispenser, or lack of one.

Will I buy this product again? Yes if nothing better comes in its place.