Thursday, 27 February 2014

Product Review: La Splash Nail Polish Sparkling Rose

A very quick review of a nail polish that came in my Fab Bag. Click on  to get yours. La Splash is a US based brand which started in 2002

The brand has a large variety of Nail colours. You can see all the information Here.

It is a 9ml bottle of MRP INR 500/-
My Experience with this product:
I was quite thrilled to see this bottle of Nail Polish in my December Fab Bag. and quickly removed my existing nail paint to wear this. Its a lovely rose pink with pretty large glitter particles, almost 1 mm in diameter. These glitter particles are in colours of the rainbow.
When I put on the first thin coat, it looked more like a transparent nail polish with some scattered glitter particles. Then I put on a thicker coat by letting some of the polish run off the brush on to my nails. This gave a truer effect. However the very next day a chunk of the nail polish came off one of the nails, and more chips fell off over the next two or three days.  When I finally wanted to remove it my regular Lakme nail polish remover was quite useless against it. I finally had to get some spirit from the Chemistry Lab to get off , but that too required a lot of effort. Finally I had to scrape it off with a nail file!!!
1. Nice colour
2. Lot of glitter particles. So good for those who like some bling!
3. May be used as part of nail art.
  1. Very expensive for a not so long-lasting nail polish. At INR 500/- for 9 ml!
  2. Doesn't last long, starts chipping the very next day.
  3. Very tough to remove, so hurts your nails.
  4. Too much product needed to get a good colour pay-off.
Product Rating: 2/5
Will I buy this product again?
Are you kidding? I can get far better nail polishes for less than half the price!!
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