Friday, 4 January 2013

Beauty In Your Kitchen

There are a million skin and hair-care products available in the market. Some promise to banish oil from your oily skin, others promise cleansing without over-drying, getting rid of pimples or dandruff, or hairloss. The advertisements have these pretty, airbrushed models and actresses with perfect lighting and make-up. Obviously, very few of us can boast of perfect skin and hair as a result of using these products. I remember,when I was in class 8, I asked a girl with beautiful, thick, shiny, long black hair, what did she do for her hair. She answered, "Nothing."

That's just it! Some of us have great genes! So obviously, I can't be as tall as Deepika Padukone or have peaches and cream complexion like Katrina Kaif or even tresses like Ayesha Takiya.

So is all hope lost? No. we can still be pretty, have healthy skin and hair, and yes, round is also a shape!

So the purpose of this blog is very simple........ to look and feel good without spending a bomb on products or spas, or hours in front of a  mirror. My aim is to share with you beauty tricks from your kitchen, short-cuts really to a better-looking, healthier person.

So we'll keep it simple today. We'll talk skin cleansers. 

I got this tip from a senior colleague the moment she got to know I was getting married.That was of course the classic ubtan. There are many brands of ready-made ubtans available in the market, but the following recipe can be prepared in a jiffy with stuff readily available in your kitchen cabinet and fridge.

Take 4 tsp of Besan or chick-pea flour
To this add the juice of half a lemon
A pinch of Haldi or Turmeric powder
And enough milk to make a paste.
Rub this paste all over your face and body, leave it on for 5 minutes and shower.

And believe me, I had glowing, baby soft skin in a month's time. In fact I was so impressed with the results that I have not used a face wash since then. 

You can do this everyday, it even cleans the daily grime that collects on the face after a trip to and from work!!

How does that that happen? Well, in my next couple of posts, I will share with you the beauty benefits and more of these simple ingredients!

Till then..............